Terraforming and LENR

Ah, the joys of near-free energy!

Now, I don’t believe that even very cheap energy will solve all of our problems: energy must be organized, and put to productive work by intelligent agents (be it God, Man, or Thinking Machines) in order for benefits to accrue.

(…or to even understand the concept of ‘benefit’…)

But near-free energy opens the door to a lot of interesting goodies….

From Terraforming and LENR

The mastery of LENR will allow the development of technologies that will free mankind from the constraints and destruction of nuclear energy. With LENR mankind can take a constructive path and turn dead planets into thriving vital ones capable of long term human habitation.

For many years now, I have been concerned about the limitations imposed on us by are limited technologies with the application in terraforming Mars. The recent understanding that we have now gained involving how metalized hydrogen is the basis of the LENR reaction and the source of the internal heat generated by LENR within the cores of most celestial bodies in our solar system has now granted us the opportunity to someday remake and tame the hostel desert surface of the Red planet: Mars.

The lack of a planet wide magnetic field produced by the circulation of molten material generated by an internal heat source will eventually allow the Solar wind to stripe off any breathable atmosphere and water oceans that the terraformers had the foresight and opportunity to produce. The solar wind must be diverted from the habitable surface of Mars. A shield from the solar wind will allow agriculture and animal husbandry to develop to support the population together with a shield to protect that population from mutagenic development of cancers. There is also the need to produce an ocean on Mars but that ocean would soon evaporate to space without the protection of a planet wide magnetic field to keep the Solar wind at bay.

The first job that those who would terraform Mars must accomplish is to setup a robust, perpetual, vigorous and self-sustaining internal heat source on Mars strong enough to get a current of molten material moving. LENR will allow this ambitious project to be accomplished. The key to getting this job done is manufacturing a generous amount of metalized hydrogen that can be pumped deep below the surface of the red planet to get a huge LENR reaction going in the heart of that planet. This material will setup the fusion of hydrogen that seems to be missing from the current internal planetary mechanics. We must think about how to transform the core of Mars into a huge LENR reactor.

Once the center of Mars is melted, volcanoes will develop, and plate tectonics will proceed bringing with it the perpetual recycling of wastes and sediments to the atmosphere and the oceans thereby keeping Mars a fresh an vibrant world.

The amount of frozen water and atmosphere already present on Mars must be evaluated and if required asteroids will need to be move from the asteroid belt to Mars to get the percentage of area covered by oceans up to 70% of surface cover.

The next job that we must undertake with the help of LENR is the reformatting of the moons of Mars into a single large moon to stabilize the rotation of mars to make the Marian seasons stable.


This man has an attitude to the future that I find deeply admirable.

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