Liberty’s Greatest Enemy… Comes Up Short

I just want to focus here on a few comments in North’s article Liberty’s Greatest Enemy

The enemy of free market economics is obviously socialism and communism in general, but also the statist extension of mercantilism that is represented in the United States by Alexander Hamilton, Henry Clay, Abraham Lincoln, both of the Roosevelts, and the followers of John Maynard Keynes. In other words, the mixed economy is the other enemy. It is the dominant enemy today.


So, conservatism in America is a mixture. It is mainly dominated by the Hamiltonian’s. They are the defenders of the mixed economy. They are the defenders of Empire. Their Trinity in American history is made up of Hamilton, Lincoln, and Teddy Roosevelt. Their acolyte was Henry Clay. They were all defenders of a strong national government. They were all advocates of central banking.

We have not had anything resembling an American political philosophy of conservatism. That is because it has been made up of irreconcilable parts. There is no way to reconcile Hamiltonianism with Austrian economics. There is no way to make the philosophy of empire consistent with free market economics. There is no way to get Keynesian central planning consistent with Austrian school economics, and it is a stretch to get it to work with Milton Friedman’s Chicago school.

It’s good that the United States isn’t positioned on the side of the angels. Then again, with Snowden and the NSA revelations – and the endless empires, and the endless laws, and the endless centralization – only an idiot would think otherwise.

If we are to believe Burke, the family is the central institution. I happen to believe that the church is the central institution historically, but I think that in most societies, the family remains the hard-core of resistance against state expansion. The church can and has been bought off too often.

This is the core truth Christians need to remember, vis-a-vis the Church.

The future belongs to decentralized, lightly networked, strongly creedal house churches – churches who reject the seminary system, and who recognize each other baptisms and excommunications.

After the destruction of the seminaries – probably after the end of the universities (because most Christian prefer to be followers of men, instead of the leaders God calls them to be) – we are likely to see pastors and preachers once again take up the baton against the Will of the State and the Needs of the People. This will be after God – using technology, house churches, and homeschools – did all the hard work.

(With a major assist via the self-destructive nature of debt-addicted Keynesian theory, the sterile nature of the secular/sexual revolution, and the ever-deepening incompetence of the public school system. Then again, God’s enemies were never all that intelligent or far-sighted: it makes a man wonder if the enemies of God are hard-wired for abject failure…)

The great threat of the Left against any society is the welfare system, which cuts off the responsibility of fathers and mothers, and which ultimately undermines the family. Women don’t trust their husbands, and they vote for politicians who guarantee that the state will intervene if the husbands defect, run off, or in other ways abandon their responsibilities. The expansion of the state therefore increases the likelihood that husbands will defect, runoff, or in other ways abandon their responsibilities. We see this most clearly in the black community, which is barely functional as a community.

Another grim, but inescapable truth.

(P.S. Always voting Democratic doesn’t make you a community… or all that politically powerful, either.)

A rising illegitimacy rate is destructive of community. We are now beginning to see it in lower middle-class white communities. The main scholar who has chronicled and examined both declines is Charles Murray.

Welfare as planned impotence and dependency: as the American Indians and the American Blacks are willing to demonstrate. However, the desire to extend the slave chains to poor American Whites will fail: no only are their too many of them, but the system is moving too quickly to bankruptcy to handle the inflow of tens of millions of new clients and dependents.

This is why I do not take Keynesianism seriously. This is why I do not take Social Security and Medicare seriously. This is why I do not take politics seriously. The legal revolution of administrative law is the greatest single threat to liberty in the world today, and it is firmly locked into the American social and legal order. People unthinkingly accept it. They are unaware of it. They do not understand the implications of the Federal Register, which now publishes 80,000 pages of fine print administrative law every year.



One thing can stop it: the Great Default. As long as the money rolls in, whether taxed, borrowed, or printed, administrative law courts are going to expand their jurisdictions, and our freedom is going to be constrained. Something else is shrinking it: Moore’s law. This was described best in Kurzweil’s article. The escalating effect of Moore’s law in reducing the cost of information is changing the whole world in ways we can barely perceive today. There is no way that any federal bureaucracy can keep up with the social, economic, educational, and political transformations that are taking place as a result of Moore’s law.

Law is now moving back to the private sector. It is moving away from centralized government control. Arbitration is becoming more popular. People are finding ways to participate in the world economy that are outside the jurisdiction of the administrative state.

The gateway of freedom is opening, and Our Loving Masters are going down.

Something to rejoice about… and act on.



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