In For the Long Haul

From the hard-working Bojidar Marinov from Bulgarian Reformation:

“No matter what we do, the opinion of ethnic Bulgarians towards the Roma will never change.”

This complaint was posted on a Gypsy forum a few days ago, by a Gypsy Christian. The man is a husband and a father,  one of those who have taken seriously the call to transforming the culture of his people based on the Gospel.
I felt obligated to reply.  “My opinion changed a long time ago, as has the opinion of many other ethnic Bulgarians.  Some victories come quickly. For others, you have to wait generations. The spiritual maturity of a people is often expressed in patience: namely, work to lay down the foundation now, and plan for the children and the grandchildren to take advantage of it.
“In the first century, Cicero advised his fellow Romans to not buy Celtic slaves, because they were too dumb to learn anything, and therefore were worthless for any kind of work. The Celts at the time were the Gypsies of Europe. Four centuries later, after St. Patrick evangelized Ireland, it was the Celts in Ireland who became the most important center of Christian culture and learning. And in the 17th and the 18th century Scotland – another Celtic people – gave the world many of its greatest scientists and innovators.

It’s going to be a long walk, if Black Americans plan to get to as high a position as the Celtic people.

“The only thing that prevents the Roma people of achieving the same successes is their cultural legacy from the past. A cultural legacy is overcome by two things:  a more powerful cultural legacy, and transferring that cultural legacy to the next generation. There is no cultural legacy more powerful than Protestant Christianity, and here, Romani communities are on the right track. But it is necessary to transfer the Christian faith to your children so that they never even think of abandoning it. If you do that in this generation, it will be easier for the next generation. Your job is the most difficult of all but also the most rewarding.”

Black American Christians, who are serious about obeying God and building their own unique and inspiring civilization, had better get their walking boots on.

(Fortunately, I doubt that it will take 2,000 years for Blacks to get to where they should be, like it took the Celts. Two or three centuries of dedicated labour – for their God and their families, as well as their business clients and customers – should be enough…

…if Blacks actually decide to get into the winner’s circles, rather than just whine and bitch and moan.)

Note that I fully expect the solid majority of blacks can just keep on pounding the table for reparations and set-asides and quotas. Even so: beggars and dependents don’t get to command… even if they are tossed a few gold coins every so often.

But never mind. “History has never been dominated by majorities, but only by dedicated minorities who stand unconditionally on their faith,” as Rushdoony insisted, and his words has been proven to be obviously true: a casual survey of American culture demonstrates this.

Wouldn’t it be nice if Christians actually took God’s command for victory – in time, and on earth – seriously?

And even better if committed Black Christians demonstrated this more clearly than anyone else?

Wouldn’t there be a better demonstration that victory comes through Christ, that ethics determine our destiny… and not genetics (as Darwinians proclaim) or the well-oiled machine guns of a Total State, controlled by the Right Sort (as Socialists, Communists, and Muslims proclaim)?

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