Hated Quivers

Ever wonder just how deeply Our Loving Masters hate you and your family?

Well, the title of this article from a widely-read website certainly gets the idea across!

Or you could just turn to the most famous and powerful government radio/TV network in the world, if you want to listen to the writhing contempt in the Voices of Authority.

If you suspect that The Kindly Ones would openly take pleasure in having Christian believers as utterly despised as they are in Islamic nations, you would be exactly correct.

Even better if they can force Christian institutions to despise God, right in their churches and schools!

What is the proper Christian response?

Have more children! The New Order is a dying culture, after all. In the old days, they could joyfully kill your kids before your eyes – but the old days are dying, and they can only kill their own children (excluding tyrannical China).

Also, every time a Christian has and raises a child to fear God and strive for excellence, a Secularist screams in rage. Obviously, it’s time for every believer to have another child… or two… “As many as you can afford. Plus one more!”

Some cultures and religions get to have a future.

Others… explicitly choose not to.

Oh well.



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