Plaques for Blacks

From Plaques for Blacks

Nosek begins with yet another repetition of the scores of social science papers finding that whites discriminate against blacks (versus the tiny number reporting that whites favor blacks).

After all, everybody knows that blacks suffer under the pervasive burden of white racism. But, Nosek admits, “We began the present research sharing this presumption and were surprised to find contrary evidence.”

When Nosek et al. did an initial experiment with white respondents, asking them to judge whether students are worthy of inclusion in a (hypothetical) honor society based on GPA, test scores, and photos:

…we unexpectedly observed a social judgment bias favoring blacks over whites. In 5 subsequent studies, we established that this effect is robust, replicable, and appears to occur partly outside of awareness and control.

The latter part of Nosek’s findings—“outside of awareness and control”—is important within the academic world because in recent years a party line has developed that white racism works on autopilot outside the conscious willpower. Since few whites will admit these days to believing that blacks and whites tend to behave differently on average, the rationalization has emerged that white racism is such a powerful mind-warping force that it works its evil whiles outside of human control. The academic mainstream assumes that white racism operates much like the CIA mind-control beams that crazy people pick up via their dental fillings.

But Nosek’s original study and his five follow-up studies found the opposite. White people of all political persuasions tend to bestow honors upon blacks even when they are less deserving than whites. In a half-dozen studies, with a total sample size of 4,359 white people, whites consistently rewarded blacks for meeting lower standards.

When people are rewarded for inferior work, expect even more inferior work to be produced.

I am incredibly sick and tired of such pervasive genteel contempt – contempt that is only encouraged by many black people, ever seeking validation from Mighty Whitey. Observe the black cries regarding trinkets from the Academy Awards, while Chinese and East Indian immigrants leave American blacks far, far back in their dust.

And in response to this?

Out goes the nauseating cry: “Love me, Mr. White Man! LOVE ME!”

God knows how deeply I’m sick and tired of this attitude. Instead of crying out for the love of the White Man, why don’t blacks actually decide to value themselves? Defend their own families? Build their own business? Demand something more than trinkets and plaques, welfare cheques and set-asides tossed their way?

All these supposedly pious black believers… how many are even going to make the effort to get literate, so they can actually read the Bible for themselves? How about turning down the God talk, and actually obeying the commands against murder, against adultery & fortification, against theft, against envy?

“Sorry, I just can’t be bothered! Anyways, it’s so much easier – and profitable! – to Blame the Racists.”

Now, it is true that there are murderous racists out there, as demonstrated by the killing of nine innocent black people at a church in 2015. (“Bring your gun to church – and everywhere else!” is my recommendation here…)

Or a more costly problem, police killings:

Syndicated columnist Nicholas Kristof wrote this week that young black men are 21 times more likely to be shot and killed by police than young white men. Fox News Channel host Bill O’Reilly had a much different take on his show Monday night, offering that more whites are killed by police than blacks.

“In 2012, 123 African-Americans were shot dead by police. There are currently more than 43 million blacks living in the U.S.A.,” O’Reilly said on his program. “Same year, 326 whites were killed by police bullets. Those are the latest stats available.”

So, that’s 123 blacks killed in 2012 by the police: and I have no doubt that a substantial percentage of those killings were driven by racist fears, and/or racist animosity. The NAACP really does have a case here.

But there is no government money or political points to be scored by blacks deciding to let each other live, so who cares about the thousands that die by their supposed brother’s hands every single year?

And even in the case of the police… when exactly did you start hearing about solutions, like all-black police forces for black districts, or even armed neighborhood watches by local family men? Oh yeah: “black police for black districts” opens the door for white police for white districts (“And we can’t have that!”) and there are no actual communities in black ghettos, or fathers and husbands to lay down the law.


  1. Thanks to a dog-in-the-manger attitude, there will be no all-black police force to protect and supervise their own;
  2. State policies are excellent when it comes to destroying families, cultures, and public morality; but are utterly powerless when it comes to putting Humpty-Dumpty back together again. “Oh well” shrugs the Compassionate Ones.

When all that easy government money is gone, things will change. And as ever-more numbers of middle-class whites become impoverished working poor, all those “plaques for blacks” and set-asides are going to wither and disappear.

But until then, blacks will continue to be rewarded for sub-standard work: the possibilities for real black achievement will continue to be crippled and eliminated; black centres of excellence will continue to be absent (outside of sports and entertainment)…

…and the Compassionate Ones will continue to laugh, and laugh, and laugh.

“Invisible chains are so much more effective than metallic ones! That everlasting dependence on white approval for inferior work (and a distinct lack of satisfaction when some third-rate prize is given)… that ever-stifled sense of inferiority gutting their self-confidence… that self-inflicted need for safety from those big, bad, mean World of Reality… such whips of the spirit are far, far better than whips made of leather, when it comes to keeping the lesser breeds in their place!”

“Especially as large numbers of blacks get a paycheck that is directly tied to their Protected Minority status. This is far better than dealing with an actually independent people who can stand on their own feet, earn their own bread, and look to no man for Approval and Protection.”


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