Black Dependence, Guns, and Black Leadership

I recently noted that, due to the dog-in-the-manger attitude regarding whites patrolling white communities, no black leader will ever suggest that all-black police forces should patrol black neighbourhoods – at least not this side of the Great Default, when the welfare gravy train & racial set-asides come to an end.

But I just realized why no black leader will ever endorse having armed, law-abiding black freemen patrol black neighbourhoods – and not just an intense hatred of white people doing the same.

The leadership of the Democratic Party despises the very idea of “armed civilians”. In contrast to the Republicans – who love using State Violence in foreign adventures – the Democrats want a monopoly of State Violence at home.

Now, why does a people who truly believe in the ability of the State to feed, save, and heal mankind want to make sure that the peons will never be able to resist what The Right Sort has decided is good for them?

If you have read up on

  • Socialism & Communism and their love of stealing and slaughtering the unarmed masses who are unable to defend themselves;
  • on the desire of oppressive empires like the Romans and the Chinese to keep the peasants as powerless as possible;
  • on the immigration fiascoes in Europe as – after welfare-seeking barbarians have been invited in – women start to cry out for Much More Police (as they are kept unarmed and vulnerable by Their Kindly Political Masters, Conservative and Liberal alike);

then you know the fundamental goal of the Democrats. “Glory to the State! Unite under the State! Fear the State! Be utterly dependent on the State for your safety!”

It is pathetic that black political leaders – Democratic to a man – still look to the Great White Father (or Great Black Father, as the case may be) to protect them, instead of arranging for their own protection, by their own menfolk.

Black America does not need kindly masters who will shelter them fro reality.

What they need is liberty, self-governance, self-discipline, united families, a work ethic, and a desire to serve others… and get properly paid for doing so (a.k.a. capitalism & entrepreneurialism). A respect for literacy would be very useful as well.

And this should be rooted in actual obedience to God’s word, instead of a lot of lip service. A love of righteousness and liberty, building up Christ’s dominion and Christ’s kingdom, rather than the thirst of power over others or some escape from reality.


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