Cultural Wars, Fake and Real

Fake Wars

Today’s cultural war – a war where Christians always get to lose, and those who despise Christians always get to win – is mainly a political stratagem to get more Republicans elected where they can casually and continually vote to stifle and suppress Christian goals.

As this truth begins to seep into seep into public consciousness, the usual Republican PR flacks are looking for new tools to scare up useful, disposable Christian tools to insure the continued election of Republicans by the gullible Christian masses.

An example of this attempt to prod the moronic Christian masses to Vote Republican is this article on religious liberty in the US. I am utterly confident that yes, the Left certainly does intend to dispose/destroy any and all religious liberty in the US, except that in the church and in your skull (until the mind-reading machines are up and running, and some kind of National Emergency can be declared to deal with the churches.)Or take another neocon publication, discussing the woes of a Christian minority being persecuted in Sweden by Muslims. Sure, this is true – Muslims increasingly hate and despise Christians as they gain power, as history proves (and as Mohammad commands), but the pointedly anti-Christian Swedish government is no friend to Christianity even from the get-go.

As any secularist would say: there is only one God, the State. No blasphemy against the ideology of the State is to be permitted… especially the greatest blasphemy, which is it’s claim that there is a law above that of the men with the money and the guns, the flags and the uniforms, the courts and the corporations.

Secularist Games

Returning to the United States: I have no doubt that this supposed War for Religious Liberty will be just as much an abject failure as the war for prayer in public schools, the war on abortion, the war on homosexual marriage, the war on pornography, and all the other political crusades Our Republican Friends have led. Rest assured, when you play by the rules of those who despise you, you will always get to lose.Let’s look at the closing paragraph:

It is still within the power of social conservatives to repair our pluralistic fabric by embracing a true diversity of opinion on this important issue and protecting those whose views have fallen out of favor in elite circles.

Pluralistic fabric? Diversity of opinion? That’s EXACTLY the language used to dispose of the Christian basis of our society in the first place! “Many Lords, Many Gods” with our Kindly Secular Masters deciding who wins and who loses, for the greater power of the State – the only true and blessed Source of the Law, the Real Definer of Public Morality (and not some divisive and absolute invisible God in the skies.)God despises polytheism, in public and in private. Christians are to rule themselves, and not be ruled by their contemptuous enemies, who serve Lords and Gods other than the Christian Trinity.As Gary North noted regarding the ongoing War on Christmas:

The ACLU is intent on secularizing every aspect of civil government. So, for that matter, is the U.S. Supreme Court. They work as a team. This has been visible since at least 1961.


The ACLU has been remarkably effective in banning manger scenes in public locations.

Conservatives blame the ACLU. This hostility is misplaced. The extension of secularization by way of the First Amendment (federal), by way of the 14th amendment (local), into every nook and cranny of the American political system was implicit in the Constitution from the beginning. Christians don’t like to think about this, but that was the case. It took until the early 1960’s for this process to be completed, but it was always there: Article VI, Section III. I wrote a book on this. Download it here.

The main problem is not with the ACLU. It is not even with the Supreme Court, which has handed down a series of decisions since 1961 that have secularized the American public square. The main problem is that the American public square keeps getting larger and larger because of fiscal encroachment.

To build an actual Christian society – instead of crawling around in the shadows, like powerless beggars (while your enemies tax you to use your money to tighten the chains on your neck and wrists) – Christians will have to dispose of the secularist Constitution. God is a God of Justice – not of ever-expanding State Power, which only exists to serve perverted and powerful men – which means that today’s atheistic, anti-Christian, and therefore innately corrupt political system must be ditched. Violent revolution only means Yet Another Tyranny, so instead the legitimacy of the government must be undermined, eroded, and gutted – starting with private schools, and on to publishing and broadcasting both what’s really going on… and how to set things right.The secularist State has made a lot of promises, promises that it won’t be able to fund. As its promises fail, one by one, the delegitimizing process will start picking up speed.

Real Cultural Wars

To fight a real Culture War – a war where you win – you need to start with the education and training of your children (instead of handing them to the government – that is, people who enjoy spitting in your face – so they can raise your children to spit in your face, too.)

This means homeschooling. But it also means Christians writing their own textbooks to teach their children (rather than using the textbooks of their enemies).

This means writing your own stories, to teach the lessons God wants us to learn – and not the lessons that those who hate you want to push.

This means Christians riding the tech-driven decentralization wave, to once again gain the right to govern themselves.

This means local rule, by yourselves and your neighbours – and not by distant Masters, who have nothing but a mocking scorn and a sneering malice to everything you are and everything you believe in.

Also, an actual, predictable legal system is needed – not based on the whim of the politically-, financially-, and corporately-connected government bureaucrats of the legal system (who, of course, openly and publicly laugh at all Christian concerns and beliefs regarding life, property, and liberty) – but on the Bible. Christian laws for a Christian people is needed – as opposed to secularist laws, that only exist to suppress, crush, and enslave Christians to their enemies.

Christian freedom means, by definition, a Christ-worshiping people living a Godly life, in a godly society, shaped by laws that God has established.

Anything else is slavery – being ground to dust, enslaved by your laughing enemies.

I say, it’s long past time to ditch the chains. Fortunately, it’s becoming easier and easier to do so and regain liberty, for us and our communities, as time marches on…


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