Fathers of the Church; or, “Why hide when you can build?”

I will write more on Gary North’s excellent Ghetto Eschatologies, but  I wanted to make a quick point here.

North wrote in regard to an offer for some interesting Latin writings from the Church Fathers:

I went on to report on the availability of a CD-ROM version of Migne’s Latin Church Fathers, which I recommended for purchase by every Christian college (not, it needs to be said, every Christian individual). Then I made a prediction: “I doubt that a dozen will buy It, even if they all hear about it. So abysmal is the level of Christian education today that there are no students and few faculty members who can read Latin well, let alone understand the theology of the Church fathers and assess its development through the centuries.” Why did I say this? Because of my understanding of pietist theology and its effects on the modem church.

A pietistic, Christians-should-always-retreat, this-world-belongs-to-Satan pessimillenialist wrote to criticize North’s offer, saying:

Enclosed is a short paper on a “Christians politics”. A true follower of Christ will lay down the fleshly ambitions that the world offers and work for eternal things instead. I have yet to see true evangelism taking place amongst the reconstructionists. It concerns me to see a great degree of compromise in proclaiming the gospel, amongst the kingdom now teachers. I wonder if you claim allegiance with the prosperity teachers, the charismatics and ecumenicalism we see all around us today? I noticed your latest offer of the Church Fathers on CD-ROM for $60,000. Couldn’t this sum be better spent on missionaries? The Bible (sola scriptura) is or should be sufficient for us. Each of us will stand before God someday and account for our time, money and what we did with the truth and light we possess!

There are those who want to change the world for good, and those who want to hide from the world. Those who weary of failure, and those who revel in defeat and loserdom.

For those Christians who are interested in winning, not losing: that $60,000 Latin copy of the Church Fathers is now available on CD for $579.99, with English translations, from Logos.

If you want to win, the door is Right There…


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