Capitalism: The Superior Environmentalism

From Proceedings of the National Academy of Science in the United States of America:


Global trade in commodities has become an important driver of environmental degradation. In response, there has been a proliferation of nonstate, market-driven governance seeking to reduce environmental degradation through interventions in the supply chain. We provide some of the first quasiexperimental evidence to show that private, market-driven policies can slow deforestation. We compare the impacts of two certification schemes and a deforestation moratorium in Chile using a factorial quasiexperimental design. Our results indicate that governance regimes with greater collaboration between environmental and industry stakeholders achieved better environmental outcomes. In contrast to many public conservation policies, we find that private governance systems can effectively target high-deforestation properties.

There are many reasons why Christians should be hard-core capitalists – as well as serious libertarians.

Not only because the Bible is seriously pro-capitalist.

Not only because the State has become some kind of Above-the-Law, intensely anti-Christian idol… and idols, by their very nature, are always growing weak and always grow likely to topple, moment by moment.

(More Christians should be giving a little push to this loathsome thing, by the way. No need for violence or lawlessness, by the way: the right word, the right example at the right time is very effective, at zero cost to your life, liberty, and property…)

Not only because Christ wishes us to live as free men, with a limited, finite and unchanging set of laws given by Him — as opposed to an ever-expanding set of ever-changing rules and regs and laws and restrictions, as any and all secularist regimes demand.

Not only because God wants Christians to be the head, and not the tail – and to be the headman, you are going to need some serious moolah.

But because capitalism and freedom simply works.


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