“You May Be Religious When You Are Alone.”

Nothing Above the State, Nothing Outside the State

From Douglas Wilson’s Make the Rubble Bounce

In his essay on membership in The Weight of Glory, C.S. Lewis says this: “in the first place, when the modern world says to us aloud, ‘You may be religious when you are alone,’ it adds under it’s breath, ‘and I will see to it that you are never alone.’” I thought of this when I was pondering the outrageous behavior of the Obama administration, continuing down to the present, with regard to Catholic institutions having to make the payments for contraception. “you may have religious freedom in every area where the federal government does not have jurisdiction, and by the way, the federal government has jurisdiction everywhere and in everything.

When The Loving Ones see their power collapse – under the weight of bankruptcy, the technological & cultural decentralization wave, and the ongoing fall of the gatekeepers – it will be important for believers to remember just how deep the malice and contempt Our Friends had, have, and will always have for us.

(And just how profound their love of centralized, top-down power and control is!)

People who don’t learn from history will be most certainly made to repeat it, again and again and again.

“And the lesson for today, children?”
“There is No Such Thing as Neutrality!”

Which means that, for Christians, it’s either rule by the law code proclaimed by Moses (and modified by Jesus Christ), or slaving under the heel of Those Who Love You.


Christianity and the Constitution

Gary North expands on the theme:

The battle over the question of America as a Christian nation is never discussed in terms of this: the definition of a nation. It is always discussed in terms of this: the Constitution as Christian. On this issue, the Christians will always lose. The Constitution is not Christian. It is self-consciously neutral. There is no neutrality. It is therefore humanistic.

Is a nation or a society correctly defined when defined exclusively in terms of national politics? Yes, say the humanists, who cling to the Constitution. Yes, imply the Christians, who have invented a mythological history of the Constitution. I say no. A nation is what its people confess, and what their institutions defend. A nation is far more than its civil covenant.

Unlike Douglas Wilson in 2012, Gary North’s people know that there is nothing to be gained from national politics (local politics is a different story).


There will come a time when you can be a Christian in public again.

You will be able to exclude and include who and what you want in your home and your business and your community, without Compassionate Ones gleefully kicking you in the teeth, robbing you blind, and destroying your God-given liberty “in the Name of the People” – a.k.a. a all-controlling god you don’t worship.

But to get there from here, Christians must ditch the nicey-nice cant of despising the law and commandments of their King, in order to please those who hate Him… and, naturally, feel nothing but hate for His Servants as well.

Those Christians who put politeness and niceness and comfort over their Lord will no doubt find some rock or closet to hide in. Who knows – the Loving Ones may even let them die there in peace, to rot in the grave along with their cowardice and their abject failure.

Those Christians who choose to fight with whatever tools they have – and keep their children out of the State schools, who openly despise God and Christ, Church and Family, the Commandments and Christ-centred prayer – these Christians will inherit the future, after the Loving Ones pass from the earth

(A love of sterility, a love of abortion, and a love of debt is not the way to build a lasting order. Surprise, surprise.)

The good guys, led by the Most High God, is going to win this one.

Get ready.

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