Why Don’t Christians Have Dominion TODAY?

There are quite a number of reasons for the abject Christian failures of today.

God Protects His Name

One of them is the endless search for political saviours – yes, not just on the Left, even on the born-losers Christian Right. Fortunately, the political classes is quite fast when it comes to cutting down Christian moral hypocrites, while sheltering secular ones – surprise, surprise!)

As if the obvious needed noting, North notes:

The press deliberately covered up John F. Kennedy’s almost daily acts of adultery. The man was addicted to illicit sex. He would get splitting headaches “withdrawal symptoms” if his Secret Service agents would not bring him new flesh to consume every few days. The press knew what was going on, and the press actively “spiked” the story. The same was true of Martin Luther King, Jr. He was addicted to adultery. But Jimmy Swaggart, another addict, did not enjoy comparable immunity from media scrutiny.

On the greater scheme of things, observe just how fast National Socialist Germany fell, and how long the International Socialist USSR lasted – never mind the enslaving Islamic ummah! But God is always fast to defend His name – and, to their credit, both the Communists and the Muslims make their contempt for Jesus as God’s Son crystal clear.

(Yes, yes, the Muslims claim that Jesus was some sort of secondary prophet – and so without the ability to save anyone – while some subtle Communists like to paint Jesus as some sort of early revolutionary. Such fictions can be waved aside with ease: it is Christ the King of Heaven and Earth, the resurrected, sinless savour of the world, the only begotten Son of God that they hate… and it is this Christ that is the only one worth listening to.)

The Nazi’s, in contrast, were quite willing to prostitute Christianity for the greater good of Hitler and the Aryan Race – with the full support of the German Protestant Establishment. Ergo, they got to see God’s fist up close and personal, real fast (and the vaulted Purity of the Race efficiently dealt with by atheistic Russians.) The godless, oppressive, Christian-murdering socialists were not nearly as disgusting in the eyes of God, and so were given a few more decades to decline into backwardness and poverty.

So in sum, power-seeking Christian who attempt to use God for their own political agenda are easily and swiftly dispatched.

Tithe 10% to God, or 40% to God-hating Secularists

Given the choice, we all know what the vast majority of Christians would choose – the evidence is all around you.

But I am not writing this for the majority of Christians, who are happy to crawl before their enemies in return for a (ever-shrinking) isolated and powerless Christian ghetto.

The Loser God of the majority is outlined by North below:

The amillennial view of God’s covenant is deeply antinomian. A God without the willingness to impose corporate sanctions in history according to His law is a wimp, a loser, and so are all those who covenant with Him. The amillennial denies God’s sanctions in New Covenant history, either positive or negative. He believes, first, that God will never send His Holy Spirit to transform the hearts of the ungodly on a widespread basis. This is the heart of amillennial eschatology. Therefore, concluded Kovaciny, the clever thing for the Christian to do is to allow covenant-breakers to slaughter their own unborn infants. Forget about God’s law; what is important is future voter registration! The amillennialist believes, second, that God will never bring negative sanctions against a society (yes, including the ecclesiastical ghettos) that allows such a practice as abortion, for God does not bring corporate–i.e., social–judgment in history. If God were to bring social sanctions in history, this would make social action a Christian moral imperative. Let it never be!

But another way to shun the will of God is to deny God His tithe. Instead of seeing themselves as owned by God – but graciously permitted to keep 90% of their earning – they instead listen to Satan, who says “keep it all”.

Christians still seek to affirm theologies that defend man’s partial autonomy before God. Anyone who affirms the mandatory tithe has to this extent broken with the covenant-breaking philosophies of his era. Christians are still so impressed with covenant-breaking philosophies of human autonomy that they have failed to obey God in this area. They cling to their wallets as tightly as the Israelites of Haggai’s day clung to theirs.

But they have nevertheless felt guilty about this. They have therefore sought to justify themselves theologically. In doing so, they have abandoned the tool of dominion: God’s law.

And without the tool of dominion, Christians get to crawl before their masters, be they Secular or Islamic.


The leadership of Christians in society depends on their covenantal faithfulness. The leadership of individual Christians within the institutional church also depends on their covenantal faithfulness. If God still brings predictable corporate sanctions — both positive and negative – in history in terms of His law, as Old Testament affirms repeatedly, then in order for men to prosper, they must obey God’s Bible-revealed laws. The failure of Christians to exercise dominion in any era of history is closely associated with their unwillingness to preach God’s law and obey it. To put it concretely, it is associated with their unwillingness to bring all of their tithes to God’s single storehouse: the local church.

It is unlikely that individual Christians will be able to exercise leadership outside of the institutional churches if me Christians are economically second-class citizens, struggling to keep up economically with covenant-breakers. It is time for pastors to start preaching the biblically mandatory nature of the tithe if they want the Church to lead in society. Unfortunately, not many pastors really want this. So, they continue to nag members for “donations.” But unlike the State’s appeal for larger “contributions,” churches threaten no negative sanctions against members who refuse to donate. Preaching without institutional sanctions is mostly nagging. The Bible does not set forth a theology of leadership through nagging.

I find Christian cowardice and Christian spinelessness deeply repulsive.

Thus, I promote a renewed repentance of our sin before the Lord, and a renewed commitment to uphold His law.

When we kneel before God, in obedience and with  the full tithe, then we will have no need to kneel before His enemies. Indeed, if we obey God consistently, then over time we will have a natural dominion over our enemies, as the wealth of the wicked naturally flows into the hands of the righteous.

But if we refuse to obey God’s Law, and give to the Church the full tithe as He demands, then we can expect nothing but more time on our bellies before those who hate us.


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