Small Victories

Small Victories, Before Great Victories

North, Leadership and Discipleship, Part 7: Wilderness Training For Victory

Small victories are like a dinner salad. They do not constitute the main course. After small victories come larger victories: the main course. Dessert comes late in the meal: the Presidency and other high offices that symbolize cultural conquest. Without the undergirding reality of comprehensive cultural conquest, winning high political prizes is irrelevant except to fill large egos with irrelevant political recognition. It is time for Christian activists to learn to finish their salad, their roast beef, and their broccoli. “Clean your plates, and then you’ll get ice cream and cake.”

In this electoral season, we have seen all sorts of supposed Noble Christian Men reach for the highest political position, without any interest in doing the spadework needed to actually make such an election a meaningful event.

I believe that – with the coming bankruptcy of the American State, and it’s fall as an idol of political salvation – actual, believing Christians will actually gain such positions.

The Rise of Christendom… and the Fall of Empire

Ironically, by the very nature of Christian government – a decentralized number of competing sovereignties, with only God Himself being the final authority over all – by the time an actual Christian is leading an actual Christian America, the raw power and authority of the Presidency will be drastically diminished.

The presidential office is likely to be as forgettable and powerless as the Swiss President, with the two-year terms and drastically independently-minded cantons.

Or – even more likely – the current Constitution will be just another ignored sheet of paper… but not merely ignored when convenient by the President, Congress and the Courts (as it is today) but by absolutely everyone, from the county governments to the corporations to the police to the local Good Ole Boys.

In such an environment, the Presidency is merely a ceremonial position, much like the British monarchy or the Secretary of the United Nations. I find this to be the most likely outcome: after all, many monarchies and institutions endured long after their actual power and authority became mere shadows of themselves.

In summary? By the time actual Christians dominate the Presidency, the Supreme Court, and Congress, it is very likely that (say) the Mayor of New York City will have more real power than the senior figures of the United States of America, combined.

And that’s just as well. God has a deep dislike of power-seekers, and has a multitude of ways to cut them down to size. This loathing definitely includes Christian power-seekers.


There can be only one sovereign Most High God after all, and neither the Presidency nor the American government makes the cut.

Also… actual, definitive victory may look a lot different than you think it does.


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