The Religious Beliefs of an Atheist

From Lawrence Krauss: The Universe is Inhospitable

Lawrence Krauss just finished his opening statement in the “What’s Behind It All? God, Science,and the Universe,” and he once demonstrated what drives evolutionary thought. His arguments from dysteleology said it all. The universe, the physicist from Arizona State University explained, is inhospitable. It is not user-friendly, and in most places, would kill you instantly. And we all know that a Creator would never do such a thing.

Evolutionists have no idea how the world could have spontaneously arisen. They have no idea because the science flatly contradicts evolution. But their metaphysics mandates evolution.

Religion drives science, and it matters.

I like that tagline, “Religion drives science, and it matters.”

As of 2016, it’s probably more important than my main point: “Christians must rule themselves… or be ruled by those who despise them.” But I think that my day is coming, step by step.

Both statements pour contempt on the supposed Objective Neutrality of our overlords, and rightfully so.

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