The End of Fundamental Physics

From Uncommon Descent:

Peter Woit contemplates the end of physics

Commenting on recent theoretical physics debates in New York City, Columbia mathematician Peter Woit writes at Not even Wrong about what happens when multiverse theory is just assumed to be true:

At 7 pm the American Museum of Natural History will host the 2016 Asimov Debate, with this year the topic Is the Universe a Simulation?. You can watch a livestream at that site.


I confess that if this were a few days earlier, I would be convinced it was definitely a joke. But, it seems not, that instead this “has become a serious line of theoretical and experimental investigation among physicists, astrophysicists, and philosophers” and that it’s a “provocative and revolutionary idea”. One thing this is not is new. Nearly nine years ago it got a lot of media attention, and I wrote about it here More.

We hazard a guess that the non-joke will go on until someone asks whose simulation it could possibly be. Can’t be God’s or anything, so maybe an infinite regress of simulations? But then they aren’t simulations, right? The point of a simulation is that someone is non-regressively simulating it.

These airy-fairy jokers are capable of anything, in their flight from God.

This universe is far too well tailored for it to be random… ergo, the retreat into mysticism, of the existence of many universes that can never be proven. All in an attempt to make our universe a random occurrence.

We fear he is right, and his update  on what people are saying is telling: “The multiverse hypothesis is no more speculative than the universe hypothesis.”

Yep. As insane as all the other no-compromise, no-surrender enemies of God.

Christians need not fear these delusional mystics. Instead, they need to get rid of their habit of cringing before incompetents, and get back to work in redeeming the world, makings the world a better place – ‘better’ as defined by God, not by our power-worshipping Masters.


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