At War With the Base

It’s well-established by now that the Republican leadership simply despise their religious white conservative base. Thanks to Lew Rockwell, we can now see with clarity that the Democratic party also despises their base – but their disposable troops are a lot more quiet about being used and abused.

David Cole of Taki’s Magazine writes in his article Aborting the Working Class:

Buried deep inside Gilens’ books and position papers is an interesting critique of the left…buried so deep that apparently none of Gilens’ leftist fawners ever found it (in covering Gilens’ work, liberal journos not only buried the lede, they sealed it in a sarcophagus). According to Gilens’ research, those dastardly oligarchs, those enemies of the 99%, are overwhelmingly liberal on issues such as abortion, gay rights, race, and immigration. In fact, the affluent are far more “progressive” than the great unwashed whose voices they’ve muted and whose influence they’ve suppressed. Gilens found that the superrich in general oppose any policies based upon “traditional morality” (Gilens uses school prayer as an example of an issue in which the oligarchs find themselves severely at odds with the poor).

Gilens’ conclusion is that if the poor were actually allowed a voice in national politics, it would very likely spell defeat for liberals on their favorite social issues:

The disproportionate influence of the affluent does not always move policy in a conservative direction. On moral and religious issues, the well off tend to be more liberal than the poor. More equal representation (of the poor) would consequently lead to greater restrictions on abortion, such as banning RU-486. There would also be tighter limits on stem cell research and more support for school prayer.

Gilens’ research reflects the conclusions of Boston University political scientist John Gerring, who found that, because of the desires of the super-wealthy, “the Democratic agenda has shifted away from general social welfare to policies that target ascriptive identities of race, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation.” The takeaway? The “oligarchs” have pushed to make noneconomic “social justice” issues (especially abortion, race, and gender) the party’s primary focus, at the expense of economic policies that are unpopular among the affluent. Whether they know it or not, leftists are actually on the same side as the 1% on the social issues that have come to dominate the Democrat agenda.

I put a question directly to Professor Gilens:

Do you think progressives have done their cause a disservice by making abortion a litmus-test issue? Do you think the heavy and uncompromising focus on abortion rights has in a way helped the affluent and made it more difficult for low- and middle-income Americans to have equality of influence? Is it possible that by remaining uncompromising on abortion rights, the Democratic leaders have made it easier to shift to a less radical position economically without getting in too much trouble with their base?

 “David, that’s a sensible notion,” he replied.

So there we have it: Abortion hurts Democrats just as it hurts Republicans, but in a different way. Whereas Republicans get in trouble for saying idiotic things about abortion, women, and rape, Democrats have essentially sacrificed the economic portion of their agenda—something that used to be very important to them—on the altar of abortion rights and other SJW issues.

Now, this is an interesting business going on. My own experience with the working poor back Mr. Cole’s position: they want their social benefits, but they also want tariffs and a greater recognition of religious faith in society – including restrictions/bans on abortion, homosexuality, etc.

In the end, the working Democratic poor are going to lose it all: any shred of Christianity in public, as well as their benefits, as well as any restrictions on trade. Same deal for the Republican poor, except that they will be allowed to cheer and back the military, as this directly benefits the corporate elite.

The various Social Justice Warrior issues will continue to be used as social markers for elite and insider status, and keep the local yokels out of Polite Society. This ploy will continue to succeed, so long as the welfare state – “theft by majority vote” – continues to be upheld by the poor.

It is not just the Evil Rich that has corrupted this society: the Evil Poor has done it’s part as well.

Now, the Great Default will change things a lot: the whole society will get weaker, more decentralized, more impoverished, more hostile. Sure, the poor will be smashed: but a good percentage of the wealth of the 1% will be incinerated as well.

And that’s when things get ugly.

God hates all of his enemies, rich and poor alike. And – unlike the mewing of the pathetically compromised and rotten Church – God’s wrath actually means something.

Something very harsh and grim, with an resounding impact that goes on forever, reshaping history and all human lives.


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