Scientific Brainwashing Is Back

An article on Creation Evolution Headlines notes the rise of propaganda techniques masquerading as bias-free experiments.

Last year, Science Magazine was shamed into retracting a paper written by a LGBT activist (6/06/15). The activist, Michael Lacour, a doctoral candidate at UCLA, leveraged the name recognition of Donald Green, a Columbia University political scientist, as co-author. When he heard about “irregularities” in Lacour’s survey data, Green later admitted he had not adequately supervised Lacour’s work (Nature). The retraction not only put egg on the face of the AAAS (publisher of Science), but also on all the politically-correct reporters who had celebrated Lacour’s “findings.”


Now, however, the Lacour defenders are back with a vengeance, touting new “survey” methods that allegedly prove that people can be “persuaded” to moderate their positions on LGBT “rights.” Once again, the survey takers are tainted with advocacy;  success is being measured by the ability to change people’s attitudes toward leftist positions, not equally toward either position on this highly controversial subject facing society.

The Establishment isn’t interested in reasoned argument: it is interested in insuring obedience and submission.

So long as it has the money and the legitimacy, it is likely to get it – after all, the greatest asset of those who hate God are the public schools, and most Conservative Christians back the public schools 100% – regardless of what perversity they are teaching, or how much contempt they pour on God as Creator, Judge, and Redeemer.

“It’s FREE!” cry the parents, as they casually consign their children to hell at cut-rate prices.

Compared to that indoctrination – hundreds of hours every year, for about 15 years, not counting college – an underhanded Leftist survey is almost nothing.

But no matter. Our Masters and Lords are well on their way to bankrupting society, destroying the foundations of the welfare state, and losing both the money to buy obedience and the legitimacy to demand compliance.

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