Corporate Power Against Christians

In the Wall Street Journal, I read of a Georgian senator whose simply astonished that today’s corporate leadership is 100% onside with the homosexual, in any Sodomy vs. Christianity conflict.

Well, let’s go over a few things.

First, corporations are primarily interested in making a profit, not ideological fights. If they have to get involved in such fights, they are going to side with the winners – and Christians have revelled in their looser-ship for the last four decades, certain that The Rapture will take them away from the consequences of their cultural failure. Pathetic, loserdom premillennialism/amillennialism has consequences.

Second, Christians have no interest in delivering perfect service to God and Man, no desire for excellence, no insistence on delivering top-quality work. The homosexual I work with on the job is dedicated to his work, and puts in serious effort to be the best he can be. Naturally, should he rise to a leadership position – quite possible, if he keeps on pushing on – he is going to make decisions that support his view of sin and law, good and evil.

Exactly where the Christian is going to be? Watching football, playing computer games, and doing third- and fourth-rate work for his manager.

God expects more, and better, to be done in His Name by His People. He demands the best – and rightfully so. When they refuse to do so, spare me the gasps of surprise when they are spat on by their cultural superiors (who have taken the place of leadership that should have belonged to Christians.)

Christians should be the head, not the tail. Their refusal to be the excellent people God expects… their refusal to work because “why polish the brass of a sinking ship?”…. their failure to uphold the commands of God, in public and private… naturally and inevitably places leaden chains around their neck.

As Gary North notes in his writing on leadership:

Those who view Luther and Calvin as merely ecclesiastical reformers miss the larger story: they were cultural reformers who transformed Northern Europe. We cannot understand German culture apart from the unifying power of Luther’s translation of the Bible and his hymns. We cannot correctly understand the origins of capitalism without understanding Calvin’s theology of self-government and self-discipline. We cannot understand modern democratic politics apart from Book IV, Chapter 20 of Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion, which sets forth the doctrine of the right of political revolution when led by lesser magistrates.

The heirs of the Protestant Reformation, when they know anything about this formative era, fall to understand the magnitude of what the Reformers accomplished. Worse; they resent the implication that every generation of Christians is called by God to extend that comprehensive Reformation. This thought reminds them of the huge responsibility that belongs to the church in every era. Protestants and Lutherans have preferred to circumscribe the Reformation’s accomplishments because they have preferred to circumscribe their personal responsibility as transformers of culture. God has granted them their desire, sending leanness into their souls.

The Remnant

In every era, God preserves a remnant. He is never left without faithful representatives in history. Like the 7,000 of Elijah’s day, there are Christians who have not bowed the knee to the spiritual heirs of Baal. But a lot of them have.

The New Order is built on lies and borrowed wealth & time. Like all the other New Orders, it will fail.

But before then, expect lots of Christians to bend the knee. Indeed, the refusal of all those Stalwart, Deeply Conservative Christians to fight the wickedness when it was small-scale has naturally created the current situation: and, just like the Republicans, you can be sure that many of those Rock-Ribbed Salt of the Earth Bible Believers will cheerfully sell out Christ when there’s real money at stake.

Just like how millions and millions of Christians send their children to the public schools, where they are taught to despise both God and Family.

“…but …but …it’s FREE!”

You can even expect socialists and the Press, who normally affect to despise corporate power, to make a quick conversion and celebrate Establishment Conformity… when it’s used to put the boot to Christians.

(The corporations, whose leadership has been largely trained in the university credentalist system – a system that is innately anti-Christian – are not adverse to this alliance. In the conflict between God and Mammon (or even God and State Subsidies), you know where they stand!)

Now, there is no reason to cringe in fear of these people… compared to other threatened Christians in other eras. These people are not Muslims, nor are they Communists, or even pagan Vikings.

(Most of the killing in todays society is handled in the abortuary, not in the public where it would mess up with the optics, nor in quiet gulags deep in the woods.)

Also: today’s university-vetted corporate leadership is of far lower quality than the men who actually built up America to a superpower. Read The Puritan Gift for details: Gary North has a great summary here, and shows how the lesson is applied here (another great post!), here (Why do corporations hire controllers rather than leaders?) and here (Get an MBA? Why? A short discussion why it’s unnecessary).

If Christians want to win, they can win… but it will take blood, sweat, tears, commitment, and sacrifice. And probably a good two, three generations before things really start going God’s way.

“But that takes too much work!”

Then prepare to grovel at the foot of Your Masters for many long years to come. Even after the Great Default, Christians will remain at the bottom of society if they still refuse to stand up and pay the prices for victory.

“But I might lose your job.”

Yes, the slackness and escapist theology of Christians for the past hundred-plus years – and especially the Rapture delusions of the last 50+ years – have a price that must be paid.

And that price will be paid Right Now, as we speak. There’s no escape.

There will be consequences if you stand up to Our Loving Masters – be they corporate, government, or academic. Today, thanks to the craven and cowardly spirit within the Church, nobody is going to lose his job if he promotes Gay Marriage, after all – but you may well lose it if you go against it. This is true if you work privately, or for the State (“Our Only True Lord and God, The Real Lawgiver.”)

But if you aren’t willing to pay the price, or work as an independent (and fight to survive economically for a few years) then why on earth are you even pretending to follow the faith that Christ established with his sinless life and brutal death, and 11 of the 12 apostles were killed for?

Anyone willing to ditch Christ for a job that he may well lose in the coming years (via recession, or the Great Default, or automation) is truly unworthy of the Kingdom.

“But I will get the approval of Powerful Men in Authority, and that’s all that matters to me!”

So sayeth the damned… those without a future.

(Or at least, any future I want to be anywhere close to!)

In summary: If you want to win, you must fight.

If you don’t fight now, when it is easy, then expect to fight when the situation is really desperate. This is what has happened continually to Christians, and will continue until they either repent before God, or wholeheartedly welcome Satan (in one of his various guises and masks, as usual) as Lord of their Lives.

Jesus spews out lukewarm water… something that Christian Americans are discovering, as we speak.


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