The Coming Socialist Order

Gary North, in his paywall article End Game of the Bank of Japan, refers to the trend of central banks to buy stocks.

This is the respectable way to build socialism in America: after all, no one objected when the Federal Housing Finance Agency took on half (!!) of the mortgages of the United States during the 2008 financial crisis. “They can do whatever they want, so long as my house price is protected!”

With this precedent, it is no big stretch to see the same thing in stocks in a future financial crisis. This socialization of the stock market – supposedly the centre of American Capitalism – will go down as smoothly as the socialization of the housing market.

This means that the major corporations will be fully integrated with the government, instead of being the paymasters.

(Debatably, we get to shift from soft fascism to soft socialism. Whoopee.)

Now, as we all know, the major corporations loathe Christian beliefs and practices – as they are all sophisticated and well-connected people, largely from the top 20 universities, and the Upper Crust has not the slightest concern in regard to God or the Commandments or any such thing.

Now, I am sure that most Christians will tremble before this union of political and financial power. “They have all the money, and all the guns! Oh, woe is me!”

Wiser Christians know that socialism is socialism, a born failure. An ever-greater gap between the Right Sort and Commoner Trash is the predictable outcome, with ever-greater blindness from The Top. As effective government bankruptcy grows, half-wit regulations spreads, and blatant political corruption deepens – you know, like every other socialist state in history – there will come a time when the bankruptcy of the central state will become obvious to all.

Christians must work, in the face of Elite, Government, and Media contempt, to lay the foundations of the renewed, locally-grounded American Christendom that will replace the fall of the coming Socialist State.


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