Jackson, Hamilton, and Tubman

I enjoyed reading the Mises blog article on the currency change. Just a few addendum’s:

  1. Harriet Tubman is worthy of quite a lot of moral respect… and it is amusing to see a secularist, implicitly anti-Christian nation-state pay her that respect. Yes, the reasons are more racial-political than moral – the ascension of poor Black Americans, at the cost of somewhat less poor Scots-Irish, for the political benefit of the northeastern/west coast mildly-Yankee¬†liberals. (Same story with academia.)Even so, proper due is to be paid to her, as a representative of Black America as a whole.But really, her face should be on a gold coin, not fiat paper!
  2. Also of note: in the eyes of God, the South has not yet paid out her debt in full. Public symbols matter, and it is the South – and anti-collectivists, populists, the independent-minded, and anti-central bankers – that take the political hit.Others may whine about it. I don’t: Andrew Jackson is a famous American politician, and is therefore morally repugnant in his own unique way, even if he did something useful by dumping a central bank.As for the rest: I am interested in creating the substance of a free – and, therefore, Christian – society. The symbology can wait until the substantive victories are gained.

    But Tubman can stay, in a hard-money Christian financial order, grounded on circulating gold coins. Perhaps on a 1/10th ounce gold coin, pushing her worth up from $20 to $123 in today’s gold spot market – and the most likely gold coin to be found in the pockets of poor black people, whose just got their very first taste of hard work, success, and a more prosperous future…


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