The Infantile New Scientist

Creation-Evolution Headlines refers to a recent (and rather infantile) article on the New Scientist, “Thou shalt not tell us how to behave any more” The article ends with

Religion won’t disappear. But the research suggests the great moralising religions are doomed to ebb away, as they already are in the more affluent parts of the world. Some people worry that without moral guidance, anarchy will ensue. They need not worry: we will do good without it.

According to the very latest redefinitions of Good, naturally, as defined strictly by Our Betters.

Good thing that the more power the Right Sort have, the more they can be trusted – at least, according to the Right Sort and their pet media organs.

For some reason, I instinctively refuse to trust or recognize the moral standards of people who believe solely in Powerful Men and Certified Experts. Nor do I believe that the powerful, the certified, and the well-connected have the slightest interest in my welfare – as compared to their intense interest in controlling and directing my life, my property, my family, and (when the technology is up and running) my mind.

Now, I am quite confident that the vast majority of Christians are going to cringe before these certified, self-serving jokers – just as they have been conditioned to at school and by a society that despises them (and by a clergy that loves submissive, humiliated, and fearful flocks – “It’s so much easier to fleece slaughter lead them that way!”)

And I am confident that the vast majority of Western European (and more than a few American) Christians will eventually dump their faith – keeping a hollow shell for social occasions and public posturing. After all, the only way they can get strength to smash the enemies’ chains (now, or in three generations) is by actually obeying Christ, and insisting that all of society – not just the family and the church, but the state and the public legal code, as well – bend the knee.

“But obeying God is Too Much Work! And it makes Our Masters ANGRY! Surely, we should fear the anger of Powerful Men, Governments, and Corporations instead of God!”

“Much better to send the kids to hell FREE public schools, and enjoy the FREE welfare/retirement/health care services of Our Masters, like good slaves citizens should.”

How pathetic can you get?

How Relevant is Christianity?

The work of the law is written in the heart of every man (Rom. 2:14-16). The law itself is written in the heart of every Christian (Heb. 8:8-l0). This is why each man can be held responsible for his actions. He is responsible to God in terms of God’s law. Therefore, it is the law which stands above us, both saved and lost, condemning some (Rom. 5) and serving as the foundation of prosperity for others (Deut. 8). It is not abstract responsibility, but rather fully personal responsibility that we face: true persons (men) facing true persons (the Godhead) in terms of a law-order which reflects God’s holiness and is in conformity to man’s needs, since man is made in the image of God.

There are no gaps in God’s law, for there are no gaps in our daily responsibility. We do not have safety zones of ethical neutrality that serve as a sort of “king’s x” in a game of cosmic tag. The theology of “king’s x” is demonic; it asserts, as Satan argued with Eve, that God’s law can be tested, that His omnipotence can be tested, that man stands in judgment over God’s law-order, and that in the day that we ate of the tree of knowledge, maybe we didn’t really die. Maybe God’s law really was never comprehensive. Maybe we can live forever in a neutral world of our own creation, doing what pleases us in terms of man’s relative standards.

In contrast to this stands the testimony of God through His word. He tells us that we are responsible, that we cannot remain Christians and ignore the requirements of applied Christianity. We are not disembodied spirits floating in a timeless world. We are real persons who live in a real world which has meaning in terms of the plan of God for history. Our faith is not irrelevant mysticism. it has implications for the way we live in our daily occupations. It has standards. Therefore, we must build in terms of His standards, or else we capitulate to Satan.

It is time to begin building.

The vast majority of Christians are cheerfully willing to capitulate to Satan (in one of his many guises), in return for some tasty bowls of porridge – and filth poured into the minds of their children. This surprisingly eager surrender to Satan is currently implicit in their actions, but over time, it will become more and more explicit.

“Satan and his servants, not God and Godly servants, will rule this world – in time and on earth! So let us make an exceedingly one-sided peace with the authorities that support Satan, so we can have a nice, comfortable, and peaceful life. And at the very last minute, we can always repent and go to heaven – God is forgiving, after all!


Apparently, they still don’t know that almost all of fearful, unbelieving Israel died in the desert – excluding only Caleb and Joshua.

Cowards will receive their just reward. But God stands with those who are courageous under His name, for His Kingdom and His Victory – in time, and on earth (as well as in eternity).

(And I wouldn’t put too much value on those promises of a ‘nice, comfortable, and peaceful life”. Such things are rewards that God gives to those who are faithful to Him. Satan is far more eager to grant slavery, death, despair, fear, and pain to those under his thumb – it is how he always wanted to treat the Image of God, after all.

He was always a murderer, a thief, and a liar, right from the beginning until today.

Also, he is and remains, fundamentally, a loser.)

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