Trump’s Loss…

While I am no fan of Slate, I will agree with them (and the bookies) on this point: Trump will lose, quite likely in a landslide. Working-class White America lost their war long ago, when

they backed Edward Kennedy and his immigration plans,

when the Democrats turned free-trade (and, implicitly, anti-union)

when the white union vote was dumped in favour of the black vote

On the other hand, I am also confident that Hillary’s rule will be a disaster: not so much because of her own incompetence, but because of Janet Yellen’s Federal Reserve Bank, which has already laid the foundations of the next Great Recession/Depression.

Two old women will be leading America in the next financial crisis, after pissing off the white working class. The failure of the grannies is not so much the point here, as who will be taking Clinton’s place in 2020.

I once wrote a post here, Putin’s Coming, on the possibility of a strongman ruling America within our lifetimes, someone who will make Trump look like a kindly old grandpa. I stand by it.

And after his rule? Observe Venezuela in the post-Chavez era for a hint…


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