Academic Victory, for Christians

From North’s Academic Compromise

If we are to be successful in reconstructing the academic disciplines of our day, we will have to follow Kuhn’s implied advice: forget the existing guilds and do the best work possible outside the locked cells of the tenured professorates. We will have to rethink the presuppositions of the experts, since they are guided by the paradigms of secular humanism. We will have to do it without the help of tenured Christian faculty members, and probably with their open hostility. We have no choice. Tenured guild members are seldom converted to a new paradigm. Fortunately, they eventually retire, leaving the field open to those who have come up with a more fruitful approach. The compromisers are finished.

We have time. They don’t. We can do without tenure. They can’t. Never having been accredited, we cannot be frightened into silence by the threat of having our accreditation withdrawn by the humanistic accreditation boards. They are continually terrorized by this prospect. The future is on the side of those who remain intellectually faithful to the Bible. The dust will soon settle over their unread, unreadable, and unmemorable books, journals, and monographs. The secularists who dominate the world of scholarship can afford to ignore third-rate Christian imitations of their work, and the laymen who are the backbone of the modern churches cannot afford not to ignore them. They will be ignored and must be ignored. We will die of malnutrition if we beg for scraps from the tables of secular humanism.

Winning a culture and substantially extending the public recognition of Divine glory and power means work, hard thinking work.

Sacrifice and dedication is not enough: even Muslims can do that! Intellectual discipline and sophistication is not enough: even Marxist can do that, if they feel the rewards are good enough. Actual obedience to God’s will, in winning His way, is needed.

But right now, Christians can’t even summon the work levels of Muslims or Marxists.

God demands more from Christians. Much, much more than we are giving.

When we give our whole heart, mind, and should to God, then we can expect blessings and triumph. When we give hour lives to God, then there is victory.


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