Good Guys Step Forward, Bad Guys Step Back

In one part of America, in some obscure part of flyover country, people get serious about land ownership, and discover the joys of local rule.

We’ll see what happens when the Great Default kicks in, and the budget of the official authorities isn’t merely cut back, but annihilated. The greatest temptations do not occur when you are weak, but when you are strong.

And in another part, in a liberal secularist stronghold, we get men who dislike a source of power and authority being outside their control…

What do you know about theology and where did you learn it?

Most of you will answer, “not very much,” and “at home” or “at a place of worship.” Most people don’t study theology at all in college—especially those who attend public universities and colleges.

I believe this should change.

Because Christians who learn theology from Christian sources are doing it wrong.

It’s far better for all – especially Christians – to learn their theology from State-accredited sources. You know, the universities who are always carefully searching for a new way to show their contempt for the Lord, His Laws, and His people.

One of these men are on the right track, into the future. The other is not.

One of these men are back by the wealthy and the powerful. The other is not.


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