So, The Poles Get to Be First

A little historical marker, here.

Polish PM abolishes anti-discrimination council

04.05.2016 10:00
Prime Minister Beata Szydło has abolished Poland’s Council for the Prevention of Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance, it emerged on Tuesday night.
There is always a high-water mark for every human endeavour every human political agenda. The current wave of the New World Order probably failed a few months ago, with the great migrant invasion of Europe and the slow-motion collapse of the Schengen Agreement.
But I always had a soft spot for the Poles, so I’ll put the beginning of the end of Political Correctness will be put on their account, for good or for ill. Mainly for good, frankly, as I don’t believe that the State has ownership rights over everything, everywhere. It is the property owner, and not Our Loving Masters, who shall decide who he hires and who he fires, who he serves and who he rejects.
The government claim to universally control everything, everywhere, is a direct attempt to steal rights that only belong to God. Such idolatry must be rejected by every believing Christian – and if it means that mean old racists can kick you out of their restaurants, well, that’s life.
ACTUAL liberty must be extended to protect the rights and liberties of those who you oppose: anything else has nothing to do with ‘actually existing liberty’, but is instead just powerful, connected people protecting their friends, while harming their enemies, while blathering non-stop about Tolerance.
(But of course, liberty is rooted in Equality Before the Law. This is a Christian concept, stemming from Moses: not an Islamic concept, not a Marxist concept, and certainly not a Secularist concept!)
Does this mean that your now-free enemies will do things that you oppose? Well, so long as they don’t touch your life, liberty, and property, who cares? Only totalitarians.
God can be trusted with Total Power, as He is also Totally Righteous.
Smiling politicians and bureaucratic drones? As should be obvious by now, they can’t be trusted to do anything but protect/expand their own power base!

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