When the Police are Detestable

It is loathsome, to see the police attack any innocent man. Sadly, as the culture is grounded in the power of men and not the righteous of God, the level of unrighteousness will only grow deeper… until the Church turns things around (“THIS church? THIS leadership? Snort!”) or until God crushes us… a far more likely outcome.

For example, in Chicago – that Compassionate, Liberal Paradise – we get the police laughing as they pepper-spray a baby and beat her mother. Disgusting… and evil.

But no matter: the Loving State is too busy exercising it’s power over bathrooms to bother restrain it’s paramilitary forces as they run rampant over the population.

This will end, not because of any popular revolt, but because the money to pay the police will be gone. Bad stuff will happen in many neighbourhoods: remember, the masses have been carefully broken of the idea of any law other than that of the State, so with the death of the State, there will be a vicious lawlessness.

Because that lawlessness will be public, instead of hidden in hospitals (…or in bathrooms…) there will be a great deal of wailing and gnashing of teeth. But you get what you sow.

It isn’t enough for Christians to have the law in their heart: to reap all the benefits, it must also be in the people around you. A community, not just an isolated individual.

(Hat tip: Bojidar Marinov)


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