The Christian Nation

Some Christians explicitly claim that there should be no Christian nations, in direct defiance of Christ’s commands to disciple the nations in His laws as King.

I guess some people loathe the concept of God’s justice being uphold in the world of men, but simply have no problems with people who despise both God and Christians ruling over them.

But there have been people who have longed for slavery under Antichrists since at least Moses’ time. Slavery is great for people who want to escape responsibility, and flee into some mystical fantasy-land instead of redeeming the world in the here and now.

As I value liberty and justice, I know for a fact that pagan government is worthless. As Christ is actually King over Heaven and Earth right now, His people should be working to expand and deepen His justice and obedience to His commands in the here and now.

Anything else is oppression and lies, murder and theft, and an endless stream of filth smeared on Christian faces by their laughing enemies, be it Secularists or Muslims.

It’s one thing to endure such treatment – after all, God does judge His children when they are disobedient. It is craven and contemptible – even demonic – to imply that this is the way we should be treated: that God’s people must always lose and crawl on their bellies before those who despise them (even when they are obedient to God and repent of their sins), and God’s enemies must always prosper.

This is exactly the opposite of what Christ teaches: that He is the victor, and Satan the defeated loser. This is exactly the opposite of what the Bible teaches: there is a difference between societies that obey God – and therefore prosper, gain in respect before the world, and attract more and more men to obey and follow King Jesus and join His Kingdom – and those societies that despise God… and therefore fail, and fall into contempt before men, and then perish, forgotten.

Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will be Done
In Earth, as it is in Heaven.

For just a few essays where Gary North addresses this, see:

Royal Priests, Tin Cups in Hand
(Stop crawling before the wicked, Christian!)
Ghetto Eschatologies
(Stop hiding in ghettos and prayer closets, Christian!)
Disinheriting the Heirs
(Stop supporting every single legal system and culture EXCEPT the legal system God actually created, Christian! Do you so deeply detest the rule of your God, and so greatly love the rule of powerful and lawless men – men who feel nothing but malice towards you and yours?)

If Liberia doesn’t care to become a suicidal, anti-family, anti-life, anti-God culture… if they decide to exalt God over the rule of powerful men… than I say, God bless them for doing so!

It’s a lot better than having the enemies of God spit in your face while shouting about how tolerant and moral and upright they are.

It’s even better than being some kind of go-fer political vote bank for ‘conservatives’ who care nothing for God, and everything for political power. 

And – more than everything else – having nations publicly swear allegiance to and obey God is what Jesus Christ actually commands.

The rule of God – rather than those who despise God – is what Christ demands.

“Either you rule, Christian, by the laws God has established in the Bible, or be ruled by those who hate you. There is no third choice.


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