Being Subversives, Crushing Subversives

From Gospelbbq:

Cultural Subversion an Inescapable Concept 

In R.J. Rushdoony’s language, cultural subversion is an inescapable concept:individuals and forces within a society are constantly working to subvert that society’s culture. Different societies legally permit certain forms of subversion, though no society legally permits the subversion of its basic structure. This is why blasphemy of the Triune God is forbidden in a Biblically ordered society (Lev. 24:16) but permitted in a humanistic society, while suppression of homosexuality is permitted in a Biblically ordered society (Lev. 20:13) but forbidden in a humanistic society. The issue is never unfettered free speech, but that no society permits certain selected forms of speech immediately subversive of that society.  As the United States has become increasingly homosexualized, censure of homosexuals has been labeled “hate speech,” already forbidden on many “politically correct” campuses and gradually in other areas of society. In a Biblically ordered society, blasphemy is culturally subversive and therefore forbidden; in a humanistically ordered society, suppression of homosexuality (and several other sins) is culturally subversive and therefore forbidden. Just as cultural subversion is an inescapable concept, so the political suppression of certain basic forms of cultural subversion is an inescapable concept. The political structure of every society works to preserve certain basic cultural tenets, and when we observe an alteration in laws respecting particular subversions, we are in actuality seeing the success of some particular subversion itself.

There is always those who rule, and those who are ruled. Those who command, and those who obey.

If Christians wish to alter the political landscape, they should devote themselves to altering the cultural (religious) landscape. This means training and commissioning a greater number of culturally astute orthodox, Bible-believing ministers, educators, musicians, poets, theologians, novelists, disc jockeys, film makers, journalists, and so on. The predominating attitudes of a society are more fundamentally shaped by its university professors, film and TV personalities, pastors and theologians, popular musicians, and journalists than it is by its politicians, who generally are little more than an echo or reflection of the prevailing cultural ethos—particularly in modern democracies. In simpler terms, [current movies and television shows] are more culturally significant in the United States than the President and members of Congress. The former are religious statements that shape cultural norms; the latter tend to be products and therefore reflections of the culture itself.

This was written by P. Andrew Sandlin. That is a man who understands the times.

A prime theological error of the church in the United States in the last century and a half which has effectively translated into its prime tactical error is the assumption that cultural subversion is not inevitable, that covenant-keeping and covenant-breaking can peacefully coexist in a single society. Since Genesis 3, however, there has been no possibility of cultural détente between covenant-keeping and covenant-breaking — and there never can be. Virile, Biblical Christianity works at all points to subvert covenant-breaking — in the individual, the family, the church, science, art, education, technology, and the state.

He gets it! The man gets it!

I think that Christians should rule Christians. As Christians obey God in public and in private, they will naturally grow in wealth and authority: other nations will seek to gain the same blessings, and also seek to be ruled by the Christian God, and obey Christian Laws – as inscripturated in the Old and New Testaments.

To command the world, you must serve God, through Jesus Christ. Redemption and the Truth are the keys, not Islamic-style conquest & lies or Marxist-style oppression & lies.

And sometimes redemption requires a certain amount of subversion.

Serve God, if you want to change the world for the better now – and, after the judgement and resurrection, to continue to improve the world (I would argue worlds: Christ is King of both the Earth and the Heavens!) forever, as directed by the Holy Spirit, coming from the Father and the Son.

Anything else is failure… especially when it involves mass sterility, indebtedness, delusions of all sorts – from sexual to scientific to economic – and resulting in poverty, population collapse, disgrace, death, hell, and finally the eternal lake of fire.

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