Texas Shows the Way

Bojidar Marinov, with some good news (for once):

Four years ago, Paul Graham tweeted, “Uber is so obviously a good thing that you can measure how corrupt cities are by how hard they try to suppress it.”

If I am to use Graham’s format, I should tweet today, “The victory of AATX at the Republican Convention of Texas is so obviously a good and righteous thing that you can measure how evil and corrupt pastors, churchian celebrities, churches, ministries, media, and allegedly ‘Christian’ gangs of lawyers are by how hard they try to keep silent about it.”

It’s important to discover that Texans have found a way around the usual Judases, plants, and sell-outs.

It was a grass-roots movement, in the classical sense of the word; scratch that . . . in the classical American and Texan sense of the word, where people don’t wait for their politicians to deliver on their promises, but organize and do it themselves. They planned and strategized for it, they worked for it, they were there early in the morning, ready and willing to fight for their convictions.

And there it is, for the first time after 1973.

Over 40 years later…

Well, at least it’s rising at the same time that the State is drawing close to 1) a weakening recession in the late 2010s and 2) an eventual Great Default, when the welfare state payoffs grind to a halt.

Timing matters.

What 20 years ago was the wisdom of lonely voices in the wilderness – like the Constitutional scholar Herb Titus – what just a year ago was a marginal and maligned view, is now a mainstream political platform.

More on Herb Titus – the right kind of Virginian lawyer…

And there was not a single celebrity figure or ministry to make it happen. The mainstream political opinion of Texas now says: Ignore Roe v. Wade. Ignore the Federal government and Federal courts. Restore justice. End abortion in Texas. Period.

First, enforce the key Commandments – to protect God’s Image, protect human life, especially the weakest and most defenceless of little children. In time, the other Divine laws not fulfilled by Jesus Christ can (and shall!) be enforced – nothing more, and nothing less, than what God expects of the civil magistrate.

To continue on the theme of successful resistance to the Loving Ones, see Gary North’s Tactics of Christian Resistance and Bush-Fire Wars.


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