Dead People Voting

A Blast from the Past

Today, I took a look at the earliest posts of American Vision. It provides a teachable moment we should put to work.

The fourth and fifth posts was on the struggle against homosexual marriage, which was put to the ballot – with overwhelming victories for the straights.

The post I see dead people…voting reminds us exactly why Bush won the 2004 election, despite a failing war:

The Sleeper Issue

George Bush would not have won the election if the homosexual issue had not been on the ballot in several key states. Every anti-homosexual marriage amendment passed by large margins.

If Bush the Younger focused on God and Marriage, instead of War and Power, things would be very different today. But then again, the clues were always there: after all, Reagan’s wife as well as the wives of both Bushes were/are pro-Roe vs. Wade – and this was no secret, it was known as of 2000. From way back in 1980, Bush was always there to make the Reagan Revolution heel: and, by and large, they have succeed.

[Well, until the rise of Trump, anyways…]

Oh, for those heady days of 2004, when Americans actually believed that they had a voice in how their society functions. As if critical cultural questions were determined by votes, instead of black-robed lawyers and an ideologically anti-Christian media complex.

Still, it would be wrong for me to insinuate that American Vision was so silly as to actually put their faith in the democratic process – instead of being the wise Christians they actually are, pushing for a renewed interest in Christians actually obeying God, and gaining national forgiveness and blessings for doing so.

From Homosexual Marriage and the End of the West:

The battle continues to rage over homosexuality. The good people of Missouri voted to ban same-sex marriage by an overwhelming majority (71% to 29%). Louisiana followed suit by an even larger margin. More than 81% of voters voted to ban same-sex marriages. These numbers are staggering and encouraging.

Don’t think the battle ends with these large majorities. Homosexuals know that the courts are on their side, and they mean to win. […]

For decades, liberals have found that the courts are the best way to make new law. It took time to pull off the legal coup, but they did it. They realized that they only needed a very small minority of judges to implement their new worldview. First, they secularized the university. Harvard, Yale, and Princeton were thriving Christian institutions when they were founded. Today, they are bastions of secularism. These once-prestigious Christian schools have fed our nation’s law schools with brainwashed legal minds. […]

I wonder, exactly whose fault was that, Mr. Christian?

Second, with their new legal worldview in hand, they aggressively rewrote the law, pontificating from the bench that the biblical basis of law should be removed from the public school and the public square. […]

Third, the secularists attacked the unbiblical and unhistorical premise that Christians have no business being involved in social issues as Christians. “Separation of Church and State” became a metaphor for separating God from everything.

“Tell God to Shut Up!” cries our political Friends of the People.

Thing is, God will be speaking, long after the current Establishment is just so much dust.

Fourth, they convinced enough Christians to believe them on point three that secularism now prevails in America and Europe. […]

With a big assist from pietists and “Why polish the brass of a sinking ship?” Rapture-deluded escapists. As if Christ doesn’t rule right nowand expects His people to act to expand His Kingdom, right now.

And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen. — Matthew 28:18-20

OK, back to the article:

The battle over homosexual marriage is a battle for the future of the world. This might sound extreme, but I can assure you that moral relativism can never defeat extremism. It doesn’t have the heart or the will. There is nothing to fight for.

It was not always this way. When Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill met off the coast of Newfoundland in August 1941, they attended a church service aboard the HMS Prince of Wales. The Americans and British sang “Onward, Christian Soldiers,” listened to a lesson from the Book of Joshua, and prayed together. “It was a great hour to live,” Churchill is reported to have said. “We are Christian soldiers,” Roosevelt said afterward, “and we will go on, with God’s help.”

Trumpets and Uncertain Sounds

In his article What Kind of Army, Gary North has something interesting to say when it comes to “Onward, Christian Soldiers” – which Christians like to sing, and “Wayfaring Stranger”, a hymn dedicated to the internal struggles of a Christian.

Interesting thing about internal struggles: focusing on them, and not on expanding the rule of Christ in the external world, keeps you safe and sound, and out of trouble with the authorities.

From North’s article:

The various allegorical characters in Pilgrim’s Progressare external representations of internal enemies: vanity, doubt, despair, and so forth. The pilgrim does not bother much with his external environment, since he is only passing through. The soldier, on the other hand, is a conqueror, and he has to be concerned with what is going on around him.

Perhaps the most detailed Pilgrim manual is William Gurnall’s The Christian in Complete Armor, the 17th-century book which devotes its 2,000 pages to a consideration of every conceivable personal temptation faced by the soul–except, unfortunately, the temptations of the battlefield. Gurnall did not involve himself in the theological battles of the day, which were literally life-and-death battles, and he signed the Act of Uniformity in 1662, thereby insuring his continued income as a State-certified pastor, while 2,000 Puritan ministers refused to sign and were thrown out of their pulpits and, in many cases, into jail. Gurnall preferred a life of irrelevance, warring with his own internal lusts, ignoring the external civil issues of his day. However harrowing his internal battles may have been, this pilgrim made his journey through his environment in comfort and relative safety.

The Battlefield

People get shot on battlefields. They get hurt. They aren’t paid much, and what little they have is at perpetual risk. They can count on little from their external environment. They rely on their own wits, their past training, their experience under fire, their army supply system, and, most of all, the success of their commanding officer.

As North would be the first to point out, there are few commanding officers we are willing to trust. If Christians are going to actually win, there needs to be an officer that delivers victories – and right now, those officers who get any kind of victory are few, and are largely outside of politics.

[This isn’t so bad as it sounds. Remember the proper order of priorities, when it comes to the expansion of the Kingdom of God: Individual, Church, Family (and Business!), Politics. Christians are not to put their trust in glorious leaders or government power, like the perverts and the atheists and the socialists and the Muslims do. As always, “Politics Fourth“.]

Then again, officers rise from the common laymen – and most Christian believers are pietists and retreatists, losers delivering third- and forth-rate work to their boss, careful never to put their job at risk for Christ, always willing to “go along to get along”. Most importantly, they are cheerfully willing to sacrifice their children to the perverted and incompetent public school system in the name of Free Education. They have received their reward, and will get even more of it in the future.

On the other hand, there is a rather decent-side cadre of believers who have taken their children out of the school system. These children are where our future, victorious leaders will come from. Just as in the exodus, the faithless Israelites will mainly die in the desert: but their hardened children, seeing the busted bankrupts and rotting husks of the dying and sterile Secularist culture, will take what is promised to them, obeying Christ’s direct command to Expand His Kingdom.

The End of the West

Homosexual marriage may well mark the end of the West… but frankly, I would peg that with the quiet spread of legalized abortion in the late 60s and early 70s, done without a peep of protest by the Protestant and Calvinist churches at the time. Abortion is the cultures’ echo of World War I (which destroyed European Culture), and homosexuality is the echo of World War II (which merely finished off what was begun earlier).

Fortunately, the Kingdom of God is not dependent on the survival of the West. Indeed, the reverse is true: a truth that will become increasingly obvious as the 21s century continues.

The serious and committed believer, willing to sacrifice for God – and able to prove it with his checking account and his work history – has a future that stretches beyond the West. If he rears a large family, and they trust him and follow his lead, his heritage and legacy will outlast the West not only in the eyes of God, but also in history, right here in time and on earth.

God demands victory, and greatly rewards those who commit to him. Let’s do it – for all of our lives – and get that great prize for ourselves!


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