The Diseased New York Times HATES The Little Sisters of the Poor

…Or, a Case Study in Hardcore, Uncompromising Hatred

As you may know, I keep on harping on Kellerism, a form of censorship by the mainstream media where only one side of the story is ever heard or seen. This tactic – far more subtle than book-buring or ‘disappearing’ politically incorrect writers – has proven quite successful in the case of homosexuality, and so it will be rolled out to new battlefields.

Let’s take the case of the Little Sisters of the Poor: a small Catholic group of nuns, who refuse to bend the knee to the State when it comes to funding contraceptives. They won a rather solid court victory, which makes it newsworthy.

The media loves the idea of forcing Christians to do and fund things that are against their conscience. Most Western Christians are simply spineless cowering losers – obviously true, by our attitudes and our behaviour – and will go along to get at the goodies dangled before them (and paid for out of their wallets): but these humble Catholic sisters have far more spine than Calvinist preachers do.

So, the media has to talk about the Little Sisters of the Poor… but there is this problem of the name “Little Sisters of the Poor”. This name doesn’t fit The Narrative the media loves to push… so, it’s time to drop it into the memory hole.

“But how on earth do you report on a subject, without mentioning its name?”

Let’s watch as the New York Times shows the way!

A case of “Little Sisters of the Poor” vs. “Powerful Men in Government” is a gift from the editorial gods. But our media are too busy scare-quoting “religious liberty” and pushing an authoritarian agenda. Actually identifying the Little Sisters, much less neutrally profiling them, much less giving their story the weight it deserves, that just won’t do. We have stories to cover poorly and narrative agendas to push.

It’s not just the Washington Post that is hiding the name and story of the Little Sisters of the Poor. A reader noticed that David G. Savage of the Tribune News Service also hid their name. His piece, very sympathetic to the bureaucracy that seeks to limit religious freedom, waited until deep in the story to even mention the Little Sisters. Seriously, the piece reads like a press release from HHS if HHS had its press releases written by the savvy public relations teams funded by Planned Parenthood. He finally mentions the sisters in the 13th paragraph because he’s forced to put in a quote from their attorney and their attorney had the decency to name them.


But a very special prize goes out to Adam Liptak of the New York Times. We can call it the Linda Greenhouse Award for Supreme Court Advocacy Presented As Reporting.

Liptak’s 22-paragraph, 1283-word story manages to mention the Little Sisters of the Poor not once. Not in the headline. Not in the lede. Not in any paragraph or sentence. Not in the captions, even though the captions had to work really hard to avoid mentioning them.

If any Republican president went to war against a group called Little Sisters of the Poor, that editorial gift would be unwrapped on every front page of every newspaper in the land. It would lead the nightly broadcast of every television news show. It would be joked about on Saturday Night Live. Comedians and virtue signalers across the land would “destroy” that Republican president every chance they got.

The media despises and hates the Little Sisters of the Poor, because they despise and hate the Lord these Little Sisters serve.

The media can’t even bring themselves to say the name of their enemy. THAT’S what I call REAL hatred.

If the Catholics keep on beating Protestant pretensions of righteousness hollow in this manner, they may well again become the real-life, on-the-ground representatives of Christ on Earth… despite their silly popery.

God loves to reward obedience.

Side Notes:

  • Respect for GetReligion for bringing to light this bone-deep media corruption
  • Christians who are wondering why the media suddenly loves Corporate Power – when it’s used to push sodomy and perversion – should start taking notes here… and then turn those notes into action.
  • Bonus points for  for mentioning Armando Valladare in her article. A little snippet from a speech he gave:
I am not an extraordinary man, and I am quite ordinary. But God chose me for something quite extraordinary.

Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.
Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you. — Matthew 5:11

The Little Sisters of the Poor know this is true.

Do you?


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