Reviewing A Brief Overview of Our Christian Heritage

Remember what your enemies would prefer you forget.


michael paul millerOur Christian Heritage

By Dr. Peter Hammond

The Accusation…EmilyCarr-Indian-Church-1929

When it comes to Christian faithfulness in witnessing and work, it is often a case of — if you’re not being criticized then you’re not doing your job! Those who steadfastly seek to promote Biblical principles will inevitably find themselves accused of being “intolerant,” “bigoted,” “narrow-minded,” “hypocritical,” and of “seeking to force your own views upon others”! Zambia in particular has come under severe criticism for committing itself to being a Christian nation.

Are we being “intolerant”? No, it is the secular humanists who are intolerant of Christians. The real bigots are those atheists who are seeking to infringe on the religious liberties of Christians. We are not picasso anti fascism“narrow-minded”; we stand for freedom of religion. It is the proponents of the secular state who are restricting all public views — including the schools — to the narrow humanistic view. We…

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