Weak Tribes, Strong Tribes

The Forward story on the Shomrim Patrol is quite astounding.

Normally, when a Protected Minority – in this case, a homosexual black man – is assaulted, there is a major propaganda push by the media for additional privileges for the Protected Token, as yet another assault on the despised Biblical concept of equality under the law. But because this involves the Jews in New York as the aggressor, there is near-universal media silence.

I stand amazed.

Now, it’s true that in Europe, it can be expected that Muslims in their part of town will punish whosoever they deem a threat. But those same Muslims would not also get quite a lot of funding and police powers, and near-immunity from the law!

What do I think?

As the welfare bribes fall apart, and as the threat of losing your job wanes in a disintegrating economy and culture, there are going to be more and more such incidents. I suspect that the public does not really care to punish the Jews for violating PC norms: instead, they want to be able to ignore the rules themselves.

The mainstream media megaphone can hold back the tides for a while, until at least a few years into the next Great Recession/Depression. But this power to control public opinion is waning with the declining employment rate, and the Establishment-backed rise of white bastardy will mean less interest in self-control, less concern regarding social norms, and a stronger willingness to turn to violence.

Just as it has meant for Black Americans, so it will mean for White Americans.

There is a way to restore lawful behaviour in public, without tons of police: strong families with tough fathers who enforce internal self-governance, as demanded by the Bible. But only a few are interested in this, so things are going to get quite ugly, for those not in the Right Neighbourhoods.


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