After the End in the Netherlands

From Christian Practice in the Netherlands Drops To It’s Lowest Point

After the End

First, the Same Old Story… already deepening its roots in to America, as Christian parents absolutely insist on sending their children to FREE Anti-Christian Government Schools.

Fifty years ago, over a third of the Dutch population considered their minister or priest their major point of contact for problems. Now, this applies to only 10 per cent.

Instead, people are increasingly likely to see churches merely as a kind of public utility, used only when needed, such as for weddings or a funerals.

Decreasing faith in church

The decrease in faith in Christian churches has been steady since 1970. Then, more than 60 per cent of the population belonged to a religious community.

In 1980, that number had dropped to 50 per cent and in 2012 it was only 30 per cent.

Same old, same old….

Repentance & Rebirth

….but, what’s this?

Young Christians more orthodox

Another finding of the report was that those young Christians who do regularly attend church increasingly demonstrate more conservative beliefs. The institute even coined a new term for them: neo-fundamentalist.

Whereas 20 years ago, only one-fifth of churchgoers aged between 17 and 30 years believed that you should keep all the commandants of your church; now that has risen to almost half.

I know, I know: “So, we are supposed to celebrate because only half the regular church attendants believe in keeping the commandments?!?”

I respect that hard-core position, and honour it’s implicit demand that ALL church-goers should be keeping the Commandments of God. It would be a great start if the pastors got back to leading the congregation in reciting the Ten Commandments every Sunday, as people tend to forget (or “forget”) God’s demands.

But what I want to point out is the reversal of the trend to rot, failure, and death. Just as the destruction of the culture starts in the church, so does its renewal and restoration. Someone must lead: and God calls Christians to do so.

According to the study, more young churchgoers consider themselves a devout or religious person than their parents’ generation, and they see a strong faith as the most important value in life. Remarkably, this also includes an increased belief in the reality of both hell and the devil.


Church-going Christians, actually believing what the Bible teaches?

(Jaw hangs open)

The growing conservatism is seen both by Catholics and Protestants, the study finds.

The Little Sisters of the Poor once again goes unmentioned in a mainstream publication. (wink)

(And yes, I’m still waiting for a Calvinist group that so incenses the New York Times so much that it can’t even spew their name in print. When that happens, then I know they have finally gone hard-core!)

This young generation of believers reflects a development among churches in general, which have become both smaller and more orthodox. They also show a remarkable deviation from the rest of the Netherlands, where among their age group only half have any link with a church at all.

The Christian Church, NOT crawling in submission behind a contemptuous (…and contemptible…) anti-Christian culture! Will wonders never cease?

In a related article, Fewer Dutch Marrying and Having Children, Christianity is not mentioned. Care to bed which growing group of young people will

  • Get Married (instead of just hooking up and dropping off) and so
  • Build Family Wealth, and extend the Family Faith and Legacy while
  • Raising Legitimate Children (instead of lawless, violent, and ignorant bastards)?

If said Dutch Christians are counter-cultural, enterprising capitalists in the Gary North mode, we can already predict who will have the money, as well as personal control, self-discipline, and the natural prosperity that obedience to God gives to a faithful people.

Christ is Victorious

The Netherlands were the first to legalize homosexual ‘marriage’ in 2001. Given the increasing faithfulness of God’s people there, combined with the coming collapse of the socialist economy, it isn’t too outrageous to suspect that, in three generations or less, it will be the first society to again make marriage into an exclusively male-female arrangement.

But first, a postmillennial victory-minded sensibility is needed, instead of the Rapture-addled “fighting to lose” ideology the American Religious Right so deeply loves. (“But it protects Republican political careers!”)


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