Non-marital Fertility, 2007 and 1910

An interesting article from the UNZ Review, Persistance of the Past in European Nonmarital Fertility Patterns, compares the level of bastardy in Europe between 1910 and 2007.



Ah, the joys of the sexual revolution, where Europe’s reproduction patterns increasingly resembles Black Africa’s.

It was supposed to be the other way around: but the Elites of Western Europe hate God to the very marrow of their bones, so…

Now, all we need to do is wait for the Black Africans to get serious about actually obeying the commandments, instead of just talking about God a lot. As I remember the rather sensible marriage patterns of Black Americans (pre-60s), this goal is actually achievable, but it’s going to be a long slog: two centuries looks to be a fair timeframe here.

But at the end, the decisive factor isn’t IQ: Western Europeans have far higher IQs than Black Africans, but they have deliberately chosen the worthless and godless (and childless!) lifestyle. I have 0% doubt that they will reap what they sow, too.

Blacks can – if they are committed to actual obedience to God – do far better than this: but this is a matter of choice and determination, not knowledge. Moreover, a vision of glory and success must be transmitted from father to son, for about four generations (debatably ten: no one was permitted to enter the congregation of Israel if there was any bastardy for ten generations) before there is real, enduring change for the better.

Bt if you have to wait ten generations (about 400 years) of marriages before victory, Blacks might as well start now: the end result is going to be a lot better than 400 years of European bastardy and sodomy!

(PS: When learning to obey God, learning to read the Bible is a great help! And then comes the need to think logically and rationally, to apply the laws of God to today’s problems and situations.

Get serious about Christ, and all the rest of the blessings – technology and wealth and peace and respect – naturally flow into your hands, your children’s hands, and your nation and race as a whole.

Get it wrong, and poverty, disgrace, and death await with sharp teeth and cruel smiles. For you, and everyone you love.)

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