God and Business in Africa

In Quartz, we can read of numerous businesses that publicly call on God and – sincerely or not – want Him to get involved in their business.

If they are serious about this – not just shouting His Name, but also obeying His Commandments in their daily work – they are going to get the blessings they seek.

Atheists and Liberals despise this: and if they can’t actually suppress it by law, they will work to poison Christian testimonies as much as possible, to insure that every Christian business must publicly support homosexuality, secularism, and everything evil and against the Scriptures, to drown out Christ’s voice as much as possible.

This is just one more reason why Nock is correct: The State is really the enemy of Christians. Most of it is sheer oppression and lies, suitable for an power-hungry idol, and needs to go.

That day is coming: not because of some futile Christian rebellion and the replacement of Oppressor #927 with Oppression #164, but because evil impoverishes and blinds.

The foundations of Christendom must be laid now, while the Establishment continues to make its power-dive into the mountains of God-created Reality.

(Waiting until the Big Smash-up means far fewer resources are available… and the work will STILL have to be done!)


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