Sodomite Rot… and the Aftermath

From The LGBT Movement Will Self-Destruct

Here is my prediction. Within my lifetime, the LGBT movement will die. It will be remembered not as a Selma moment, but as a Salem moment: a period of collective insanity.

Eventually, Nature Comes Roaring Back

Whether the memory of this period evokes mild derision or deep shame will likely depend on these next few years. It’s still possible that the madness might recede and leave gays, lesbians, and religious conservatives all free to live peaceful and productive lives, knowing their fundamental rights will be respected even where their beliefs and lifestyle choices aren’t. Less optimistically, the early twenty-first century could be remembered as a time when any or all of those groups were harshly persecuted, potentially leaving deep scars in our social memory.

Either way, the movement will die. How do we know? Predicting the demise of the LGBT movement may seem rash in the present moment, as North Carolina prepares to battle the U.S. Department of Justice and Washington issues edicts demanding submission from every public school in America. But gender ideology is too incoherent and too inimical to real human good. It cannot outlast the moral indignation of the present hour.

On some level, even its most ardent advocates may intuit this. Their desperation to push the boundaries as far as possible, as quickly as possible, may evidence the zeal of the terminally ill. Everything must be done today, because there is no tomorrow.

This is not an invitation to relax. Foolish ideas do eventually self-destruct, but they can do a lot of damage along the way. We also should not assume that the eventual collapse will precipitate a widespread resurgence of common sense. The evil fruits of the Sexual Revolution will likely plague us for the foreseeable future, potentially assuming a whole range of dystopian forms.

Still, we can worry more productively about the next chapter when we recognize that this one will pass. The gender ideologies of the present moment just don’t have what it takes to stand the test of time.

Exactly right.

We should not be overly wrapped up in today’s dammed and doomed insanity – fully backed with the might of the power of the State, as usual.

We need to plan out where we want to be after today’s madness has receded, leaving so much wreckage, smashed lives, ruined cultures and families, and widespread poverty.

For all its legal victories, gender warriors have little to show for themselves with respect to the most significant of milestones. They have yet to demonstrate that their ideology can provide a foundation for stable, thriving sub-cultures of the sort that can endure. Enormous energy has been poured into preventing skeptics from asking the relevant questions, but that kind of subterfuge can only last for so long.

The evidence we have looks bad. A few years after Facebook gave us our 50 genders, young people flounder to explain why a short white man isn’t a tall Asian woman. We can only imagine how much worse this will be ten years from now if children nationwide are aggressively drafted into the transgendered social engineering experiment.

Comprehensive hatred of God leads, naturally and inevitably, to comprehensive hatred of  yourself, reality, and life itself.

But you already knew that.

What shall we do in the meantime? My suggestions are threefold.

First, we need to take steps to protect our own children. Engaging the broader culture is important, but that task belongs to grown-ups, not six-year-olds. We must build and preserve communities in which morally important truths can be instilled at least in our own offspring. Within our communities and homes, we must shield our kids from the blight of pornography and a hyper-sexualized media, and more literally, from the sexual predators that predictably emerge when a society celebrates sexuality as a primary form of creative self-expression. Sexual appetite, once unleashed, will not consistently check itself at precisely the point when pious liberals become offended. Children will continue to be victimized. Protect yours.

A very smart call, here.

Note that the State will insist that children belong to the State, not God or the family. This will be troublesome: but, as the enemies of God naturally become the bankrupt and powerless enemies of God (and the march of technology pushes on), it will grow easier to resist the Will of Our Masters.

Next, we must continue to engage our compatriots in civil discourse concerning the body, sex, marriage, and parenting. Encourage responsible sociological research on the dynamics of non-traditional relationships and families. Keep explaining again and again that traditional sexual morality is not a rejection of persons but of behaviors that are inimical to real human good. As the dysfunction of various alternative lifestyles becomes more evident, that argument may become more plausible. In the meanwhile, we should do what we can to hold up our sub-cultures as beacons for those who are looking for alternatives to libertinism.

God command His people to redeem the earth. It does not start with the government, as if electing a sufficient number of Republicans would change a single thing. No: it starts with us, in the local community.

As the LGBT fervor starts to ebb, we should be particularly solicitous to the needs of America’s poor. We’ve seen already that privileged liberals tend to adapt their lifestyles to new data while continuing to mouth the politically correct pieties of yester-year. No one likes to be seen as the stodgy moralist, but this hypocrisy shouldn’t be allowed to stand. Poor children deserve stability just as much as wealthy ones, and we should stand ready to object if our cultural elites start adjusting their habits without changing their memes.

The Loving Masters have as much concern for the poor as they have for the blacks: nothing at all, besides their use as vote banks. (Same deal with Republicans and Christians, BTW.)

God commands His people to remember the poor.

Perhaps the most important thing is to avoid despair. It’s difficult when our culture seems to keep finding new lows on almost a daily basis. Still, when the wheels start coming off completely, it’s worth remembering that a wheel-less vehicle is no longer able to drive. That might factor into our calculations if the vehicle in question is a critical part of our opponents’ vanguard.

True: but don’t forget, liberals quite happily defended the Soviet Union regardless of its atrocities and oppression and lies. They only stopped after the Soviet Union lost power.

So long as evil acts grant power, then Our Masters will push it with all of their might. When it becomes blindingly self-evident that evil leads to failure – and a major, immediate hit to the might and wealth of the state – then Our Masters will change their minds.


As slowly as possible.

And while remaining as intensely anti-Christian ever.

The thing is, when the Empire falls apart, it isn’t going to politely revert exactly back to the culture of 1955 or so. Nope: it’s going to be a lot harsher and brutal than that!

Plan on it.


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