Different Black IQs: UK, US

An interesting article, The IQ Gap Is No Longer a Black and White Issue, points out that

Some Black African populations in England now have higher IQs then working class British whites, and even elite whites in some cases;

It does a disservice to reality to simply lump all Black African IQs together: Nigerians get better test scores than Somali’s, who are better than Congolese.

You get interesting reports from London (now 1) highly multiracial, and 2) a good deal more Christian than the rest of the country: the solid majority of native English & Welsh are now atheists. From the article:

Another story that emphasizes this difference between black African performance in the UK compared to African American performance in the US was a report on London’s spectacular improvements in GCSE school achievement. The capital city has in recent years been doing so well compared to other areas of the country that it attracted some hot debates from different scholars about the causes. The main reason that has been offered and debated so far came from a highly reputable scholar who argued that these achievements of London are not due to any government policy but simply a result of three high achieving groups moving to London in recent years: Chinese, Indians, and Black Africans. The fact that such a statement can even be made proves how different the black Africans in the UK are from black Americans. How conceivable is it that researchers in America would propose something like, “the reason New York City is now leading in school performance nationwide is because it has a lot of Chinese, Indians and black Americans who have recently moved into the city in high numbers”? Mentioning blacks as part of the explanation for the academic success of any American city would sound like a page from an environmentalist science fiction novel, and yet it is accepted as a valid argument for the academic success of the biggest city in the UK!

It is simply not possible that anyone in the US would claim that “better math scores are due to an influx of Black Americans.” But in England, that’s simply the way it is.



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