Winning the Battle of the Mind

From North’s Capturing the Robes

The battle for the mind, some fundamentalists believe, is between fundamentalism and the institutions of the Left. This conception of the battle is fundamentally incorrect. The battle for the mind is between the Christian reconstruction movement, which alone among Protestant groups takes seriously the law of God, and everyone else. There is no really serious “battle for the mind” between fundamentalists who accept accreditation and the liberals who control the accreditation mechanisms. The fundamentalists, by accepting the liberals’ view of social antinomianism — that the Bible offers no blueprint for social institutions, and therefore no program for Christian reconstruction — have become epistemological humanists in the realm of social theory. Fundamentalists have adopted the myth of neutrality in educational theory and social theory. There is no “battle for the mind” here; only a loud debate between rivals for control of the accreditation committees and curricula development committees. And for three generations, the fundamentalists have been losing the debate. It is a debate which should end with the fundamentalists walking out, leaving the liberals with no fundamentalist institutions to accredit. Christians must stop fighting the battle for the mind by rules that the humanists have rigged in their favor.

I am confident in my belief that the vast majority of Christians would prefer to lose each and every battle… so long as the remain in comfort, and their government cheques keep on coming. “After all, why polish the brass of a sinking ship?”

God has given them their wish: all the comforts they want, and endless, comprehensive defeat. A defeat that is sealed by their own actions, as they sacrifice their children to the deviant and intensely anti-Christian Molochs worshipped and adored in the public schools.

“But the public schools are FREE!”

There is a minority though – the Calebs and Joshuas of the Church – who aren’t interested in dying in the desert, for the sake of their hatred of Divine Rule in the here and now. They would rather submit to God and His Law-Word, and thus – by kneeling to God – they (and their descendants) game victory in this life: some real victories now, and increasing victories in the future. (With a few setbacks here and there, to remove complacency.)

This blog is for the Calebs and Joshuas out there, the men who know that the enemy is composed of lying, self-destructive delusional fools, and intend to step in and rule after the incompetent ones have pulled down destruction on their heads.

The destruction of Christendom took time, plenty of cowardice on the part of Christians, and widespread subversion as Christian leaders were trained in seminaries – seminaries that always despised God, at first secretly and implicitly, but now openly and explicitly.

How is it that Christianity, which was at war spiritually with the classical world, and which was persecuted almost unto the death by the Roman Empire for almost three centuries, somehow is consistent with the worldview of classical religion, classical politics, and classical philosophy? To ask the question is to answer it. There is no consistency. There never was. But this is not an acceptable answer to the people who sell the necrophiliac Christian curriculum. – North, The Classical Christian Curriculum: Marriage to a Corpse

The current academic system is deeply grounded in anti-Christian Greek assumptions, and the seminaries – and Christian Liberal Art colleges – are merely an extension of this.

To win the battle, Christians must stop handing their children to the enemy who hates them – to the very marrow of their bones. Sure, university credentials are a license for a job hunt now (a fading and rotting license), but there are numerous ways to get a cheap and fast BA, which are accepted by employers. There is no need to pay for prestige – which isn’t going to get you a job in most cases, but will leave you with a pile of debt.

There will come a time, after the end of this Establishment, when the Elites Will Change Their Minds or Are Replaced. You want to be on the winning side when that happens.

(And not, say, blathering on about the Rapture that will save you from reality and insure  that you, personally, will not have to die. Stop acting like children, Christian!)


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