Backward Christians & Brute Force

From Gary North’s Backward, Christian Soldiers

Christian Scholarship

Why should Christians be afraid to challenge the secular culture of today? Has there ever been a culture less sure of its own beliefs, less confident of its own powers, more confused concerning its own destiny? The newspapers, the entertainment media and the universities can speak of little else but defeat and alienation. When a rare piece of positive drama appears, it usually deals with some historical figure, like Patton or Cromwell. The Christians have hardly heard of Cromwell, the great Puritan leader and revolutionary general. Secularists like the author Antonia Fraser or the producers of “Cromwell” have had to remind modern Christians of their own heritage, so forgetful have orthodox believers become. We let the secularists do even our spiritual work for us, so debilitating have the effects of emotional, pietistic withdrawal been.

If you are tired of endless retreat and endless defeat, you need to get serious about obeying God. And to obey God, you must uphold His Law – as found in the Old Testament, and modified by Jesus Christ in the New – and proclaim Christ’s rule and law over all nations and all peoples, without exception.

These secularists are but a pathetic shadow of who they were, back in the days of Stalin and Hitler and Roosevelt: but still Christians cringe!

Today’s secularists are petty-ante oppressors: unlike their oh-so-mighty forebearers, they able to kill millions only if they are so weak and helpless, they are still in the womb!

The enemy we face can’t even put up a coherent argument in favour of their goals: they can only repeat and chant and suppress alternate viewpoints, instead of refuting them. But Christians are so deeply into retreat, they are willing to be spat on by 1% of the population rather than act as masters of their own homes and schools and businesses and nations! “But please, please, Mr. Establishment Man, don’t hurt us!”

Hatred of God’s Law leads to weakness before God’s enemies.

Why should critiques of modern secularism been left to neo-orthodox scholars like the theologian Langdon Gilkey, whose book, Maker of Heaven and Earth (at least in the first six chapters), is perhaps the best book available on the implications of the doctrine of God’s creation — something Gilkey does not even believe in its historic form? Why was it left to him to remind Christians that without the sure foundation of the belief in the creation, modern science could never have arisen? He, not the local pastor, has announced: “The optimism and buoyancy of Western culture is more an effect of the idea of the good creation than its cause.”

The local, seminary-trained pastor is far more fearful of challenging his parishioners than of the wrath of the Lord. It is easy to condemn the leader… and yet, is it not the congregation that chose him?

It’s high time for a proper home church network, me things – several thousand networks, actually, tied together in the fearless preaching and application of God’s Law-Word, and the utter rejection of those who despise the explicit commandments of God.

Christians believe today that they can safely retreat into a zone of social impotence and therefore social irresponsibility, just as they have done for a century. But with the acids of relativism and nihilism eroding the foundations of secularism–the faith which has supported the Western world since at least 1900–the social buffers are disappearing. Drugs, pornography, lawlessness, economic disruption, witchcraft, random murders and all the rest of secularism’s new children no longer respect the doors of the churches the way they used to. Like Joab, contemporary Christians are discovering that the horns of the altar no longer protect them from destruction (I Kings 2:28-34). They can no longer be “rice Christians,” the beneficiaries of endless fruits of a once-Christian culture.

Retreat is easy, fighting is hard.

But only in fighting the enemy, will there be victory and rest.

Anything else is licking the boot that kicks you in the teeth… over and over and over again.


Christianity can reconstruct the culture; nothing else can. Secularism is at the end of the road spiritually; nothing is left to hold society together except brute force. God calls His people to leave the onions of Egypt behind them. There are no more safety zones in the combat of faith; as in the “demilitarized zone” of Vietnam. The battle rages.

There will be fewer and fewer explanations and arguments in politics, just Command and Obey… with more laws, more fines, more police, and more oppression… with increasing poverty swiftly joining in.

As if evil would triumph, instead of rotting away, turning into a mishmash of ignorance, futility, poverty, violence, and death.

Regardless of the increasingly self-evident failures of the wicked, the solid majority of American believers still believe in endless retreat, endless defeat, cringing in fear of our hopeless Masters while waiting for a escape-reality Rapture that will never happen.

But as Conservative Christian America eagerly send their children to the public schools, their children will drop out of the Faith, and the influence of these antinomian losers over the Church will fade in time, to nothingness.

In the meanwhile, those who stand with the Lord, resist the enemy, and press forth with the command of Christ the King to disciple all the nations, shall inherit the future – and the blessings of God Himself, in time and on earth as well as the hereafter!


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