The Embrace of Ignorance

Now, we all know that there was a major cover-up with 9-11,as discussed on numerous sites and recently, once again, outlined at Washington’s Blog.

But what’s really interesting to me is the current top comment, by cstahnke:

The vast majority of Americans don’t care about looking into or thinking about 9/11. They want the official story to be true so they believe it even if they don’t “believe it.” When I was “into” 9/11 Truth many years ago I presented the obvious evidence to some pretty smart people with graduate degrees that I hung out with and knew well enough to be honest with–and two of these guys said, on separate occasions exactly the same thing: “even if it’s true, I refuse to believe it.” What can you say to that?

There’s a hell of a lot of lying going on… but the lies wouldn’t go far, without willing hearts eager for the cant.

T. S. Eliot famously wrote “…humankind cannot bear very much reality.” This is not unique to Americans but generally true around the world but Americans seem to be particularly fond of fantasy. I think Evangelical Christians are an example of this love of utterly incredible fantasy easily proven “wrong” so why do we believe these things? Myth, it seems to me, is the most underestimated factor in social life. We cannot live without a mythological framework and it is NEVER based on reality–even the scientific oriented myths are myths. For example, there are phenomena that cannot be investigated scientifically without destroying your career unless you have already achieved such prominence you cannot be excluded from academia (John Mack comes to mind).

I strongly disagree that mythological frameworks can never be based on reality: this is tantamount to claiming that there is no reality.

I wouldn’t be surprised if millions of highly educated people truly don’t believe in a single, objective reality, by the way. Regardless:

  • Reality exists, and we are to ground our thoughts and actions in it.
  • Moreover: this reality is established by the Word of God, and not the Will of Man, or Chance.
  • As it is established by God – and not by Man, nor by Chance – reality can be depended on to remain the same, and to endure in a predicable and knowable way. (Ergo, Science.)
  • Moreover, God wants us to understand more about reality, and to gain a deeper understanding of it. Even though we can never understand all of it, we can master a great deal of it – and put our discoveries to useful work, blessing God and Man.

I support his criticism of Evangelical Christians, if from a different perspective than he has. Evangelical Christians want political power, but without actual obedience to God – in the heart, or in the family, or in business, or in the schools and universities, or in government –  and without His Law guiding all right actions in public and private, and without faith in Divine Victory over all.

Naturally, the mass of Rapture-inclined Evangelical Christians have proven to be abject losers, and will only continue to lose. As these faithless third- and fourth-raters simply don’t believe in Christ’s victory over the world, that’s only to be expected.

Fortunately, the Kingdom of God shall expand, and Christ’s Victory will grow more and more obvious, regardless of the disobedience of His followers…

…who have a far greater love of a Pagan Empire and Government Pork than of expanding the rule of Christ and discipling the nations, and a far deeper hatred of the Law of God than of the oppression and lies of His enemies.

But those who hew close to every jot and tittle of the Bible will love the Truth more than comfort or safety or the applause of Our Masters. And it is the Truth that will set us free from sin and death and failure.


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