Even Pyramids of Power Crumble and Fall

From North’s Transmission Belt Religion

[After he discusses the Fabian Freeway]

The Pyramid Society

From the days of the Tower of Babel, the symbol of the pyramid has fascinated men. The religion of humanism sees man’s task as originally creative: to establish his own world order, through power, across the earth. Men attempt to build a social order in terms of man’s omniscience. To accomplish this, the rulers must claim access to exhaustive knowledge (data) and comprehensive economic theory (plan). They believe that through a massive centralization of control, an elite corps of planners can synchronize and direct the affairs of all mankind. It is this imitation of the sovereignty of God over creation which leads men to create socialist commonwealths.

Those who are convinced that the construction of a pyramid society is a moral imperative and a serious possibility adopt a distinct concept of ideological progress They see the advance of civilization as the product of a combination of education, motivation, and concentration of power. But to achieve their goals, they believe that it is necessary to guarantee the spread of their ideas through their control over the various media.

[Yes, I am going to bang the drum on Kellerism, just because.]

[I have bolded the words in the material North quotes, below.]

This view was stated clearly by Lester Frank Ward, the first President of the American Sociological Association. He was also the man who first articulated the position of planned evolutionism. In his classic (and neglected) book, Dynamic Sociology (1883), Ward discussed the problem of controlling men’s opinions. “The attempt to change opinions by direct efforts has frequently been made. No one will now deny that coercion applied to this end is a signal failure. . . . There is one way, however, in which force may and does secure, not a change of existing opinion, but the acceptance of certain approved beliefs; but this, so far from weakening the position here taken, affords a capital defense of it. The forcible suppression of the utterance or publication in any form of unwelcome opinions is equivalent to withholding from all undetermined minds the evidence upon which such views rest; and, since opinions are rigidly the products of the data previously furnished the mind, such opinions cannot exist, because no data for them have ever been received. . . . it is simply that true views may as easily be created by this method of exclusion as false ones . . . The more or less arbitrary exclusion of error, i.e., of false data, is to a great degree justifiable . . . This, however, is the essence of what is here meant by education, which may be regarded as a systematic process for the manufacture of correct opinions. As such, it is of course highly inventive in its character, and the same must be said of all modes of producing desired beliefs by the method of exclusion’ (vol. II, pp 547-48).

[My bolding ends: the italics below are Norths’…]

This, put more bluntly, is thought control. Ward saw the public schools as the most efficient agents of thought control by statist planners. But as he said, this method of exclusion is not limited to educational institutions All the media are useful in “producing desired beliefs by the method of exclusion.”

[“Kellerism?” “Kellerism!”]

[North is bolding his own words below]

Those who believe in central planning have a tendency to believe also in the central planning of ideas. After all, ideas are an aspect of the economy. They can even be thought of as economic assets, and therefore the property of “society,” meaning the State. Thus, to allow the free flow of ideas through a competitive market is as dangerous as allowing the free flow of capital and profits through a competitive market.

[This central planning of univocal propaganda works for a while… until it doesn’t.

And the Internet is helping bringing that failure point to us faster than we appreciate…]

The Remnant

In contrast to the collectivists concept of the transmission belt society, with its direct control of the flow of information, stands the concept of the Remnant. The Remnant, God told Elijah, was an unorganized, invisible group of faithful followers of God, “all the knees which have not bowed to Baal, and every mouth which hath not kissed him” (l Kings 19:18).

Elijah had thought that he was alone, the last of God’s faithful. He was wrong. He had no knowledge of the existence of 7,000 other followers of God, yet he was a prophet who was supposed to understand such things. Ahab the king sought his life, and the queen controlled the priests and teachers of the nation, yet not only was Elijah still safe and sound, he had 7,000 others in the land who agreed with him.

Those who controlled the transmission belts of power and information were not omniscient. Obadiah, a spy in the very chambers of the king’s household, had told Elijah, “there is no nation or kingdom, whither my lord hath not sent to seek thee” (I Kings 18:10), but his network of informants and spies had not found the prophet. But the prophet found the king’s “servant” (a spy for God), and this man brought the king to Elijah when Elijah was ready to meet him.

[The Masters feel that they control everything, everywhere. They don’t. This will become extremely obvious when the welfare state dies, but you can see the thin cracks growing, spreading, and widening even now, as the mainstream newspapers and magazines die and the televised news stagnates with it’s aging viewers…]

Nock’s evaluation should guide us in our tasks. We do not need lavish Hollywood productions, best-selling books, huge advertising campaigns, programs to “win back the public schools,” or control of the major news media Such control will come only after society has adopted the fundamentals of true faith, when men already believe in the Remnants God.

What we need is a faithful conveying of the message, with the tools of communication that we already have and that we already understand. The collectivists think that the control of all media is essential to the success of their religion, which is one very good reason why their religion is a false religion. They see the end of faith — domination of one’s ideas over a whole culture — as the means of faith. They proclaim the omniscience of the planning elite, while we proclaim the omniscience of God. We see dominion as the product of bottom-up permeation of the society, from the Remnant to the seats of power, while our opponents see dominion as the top-down permeation of central planning from the seats of power to the Remnant.


We cannot lose, any more than Elijah could lose. The Remnant is there. It is nearly invisible. It does its work. We need not waste our resources in a vain attempt to capture the transmission belts of power. God controls them; we don’t. We need only to proclaim the truth and to organize our lives in terms of the truth we profess. When He is ready, God will raise us up, as leaven raises up a loaf. Permeation is more comprehensive than mere control over visible transmission belts.

The Good Guys are going to win… the wicked are going to fail… and the welfare God-State, the idol of the age, is going to die.

Work, live, and plan in accordance to these truths. Especially raise your children according to them, so they can inherit and master the coming future. The year 2040 may be a long way for aging adults today, but not for young, well-reared, knowledgable, fearless, energetic, entrepreneurial young Christians adults of tomorrow!


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