Manning Up, and Burning Up

From Gary North’s Defensive Burn-Out

And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, it we faint not (Gal. 6:9).

After years or even decades “in the trenches,” people who have dedicated their time and money to a defensive cause tend to get burned out.

[Various women] had monitored their chosen left-wing groups for years; they had filled files and boxes with reams of clippings (without a coherent index); they had dragged in children and friends to stuff envelopes with flyers and announcements, until children and friends became convinced that the whole effort was crazy. And then, predictably, they threw all the materials away. I have seen many other follow the same pattern; of course, in southern California, there were a lot of opportunities to meet such ladies. They were the proverbial “little old ladies in tennis shoes.” But they weren’t old when they started; they just got old.

Women seemed to be the primary victims of tennis shoe burn-out, probably because they had put more of their hopes and efforts into the conservative movement than their husbands had.

[Women are entirely too trusting of Powerful Men, and easy for the Upper Classes to deceive.]

Men have their jobs to worry about. They associate daily with other men who are not involved in conservative political action. Husbands are more likely to be on the fringes of the political fringe; their wives are more often right in the center of the extreme. Women see that their children are threatened by the public schools, or by “values clarification,” or other planned conquests of the family. They see how much they have to lose. Their husbands do not have the same focused interests or fears. They can take the attitude that “I let my wife worry about saving the world,” in the same way that millions of them say, “I let my wife take care of religious matters.” The results in both cases are catastrophic: for wives, husbands, children, and the society at large.

[When men let women teach the kids at home, and personally handle the battles with the worthless trash, everyone wins. For one thing, men have less trust for Our Leaders, and are willing to waste less energy in political crusades.

If they’re smart, men will keep ALL of their political activity local, where you can see actual results where you live. Stomping on all public education spending bills would make a great start!]

Working Wives

There is no doubt that wives can set aside more time in the day for activities such as monitoring this or that group or activity of the enemy. Husbands are busy trying to earn a living. But husbands have the money. They may not write the checks each month, but they can say where the big blocks of disposable income will go. The wife may pay the bills, but husbands ultimately can determine which economic burdens will be assumed by the family. Wives influence husbands, but husbands make the fundamental decisions. The wife is not going to write a check for $1,000 to some organization, even if she devotes 20 hours a week to it 50 weeks a year. She makes her contribution to the cause by donating her time.

But time, like money, is not free of charge. She has to get the time to donate. So she starts cooking less frequently or less thoughtfully. She starts coming home several hours after the children have been out of school. She begins to squeeze the clock the way other women squeeze the wallet. Her day begins to resemble the schedule of working wives. The family suffers.

[Let the politicians burn. Protect your own!

If you would get into politics – after your affairs with God, Family, and Work have been squared away – then do it locally. There, you have a real chance to actually win!

The Dogcatcher Strategy and County Rights (videobook, and Study Guide) are where we should start]

The State is making warriors out of parents instead of spinning their wheels, as women did in 1958, husbands and wives are driving over their enemies We can see the tire marks on the bureaucrats’ chests. They are desperate. And as the State escalates the war against parents, the parents get tougher than ever before. They learn the techniques of resistance to bureaucratic tyranny.

[See the Theology and Tactics of Christian Resistance for details.
Why crawl before Our Betters when we can kick them in the shins instead?]


Without fuel, any fire will eventually burn out. This is the plight of all primarily defensive causes, all “holding actions”: they eventually run out of fuel. They run out of volunteers for a program that has been in retreat for generations. Men need to be involved in a program of dominion. They have to believe that their efforts will produce good fruit.

We fuel a fire with success. We fuel it with a cause to defend, but a world to conquer. The best defense, in other words, is a good offense. We fuel it with the prospects of victory. This is why the humanists are going to fail. They are the ones headed for burn-out: financial, philosophical and monetary. They have conquered the visible world, and their world is unraveling. They control national politics, but people have lost faith in national politics. They control a mountain of money, but it is paper money. Paper money burns fast and furiously; dross is consumed. Gold remains (l Cor. 3:12).

We have the gold, philosophically speaking; let our opponents remain in the dross business They collect the taxes, but tax-financed dross is still dross Their burn-out is assured — not just beyond the grave, but in time and on earth.

[Step by step, victory is gained. North would be the first to say that you need to pace yourself, and there are many things more important than politics. But he would also say that in due time, Christ’s Rule and Law-Wordmust enter, reshape, and redeem the world of politics as well.

Christ must have first and final say in all things. This definitely includes the public administration of justice, and the content, form, and goals of our laws. Those who resist Him must fail and be forgotten; those who welcome Him will succeed and be remembered with honour.]


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