The No Magic Principle

Gleaned from the video above, created by Paul Nelson, found on Uncommon Descent: (Part of the Alternatives to Methodological Naturalism group)

What is it designed to do => How does it work

The whole can, indeed, be greater than the sum of the parts.

Differentiate between intelligent causes and non-intelligent (physics) causes.

  • Such a differentiation gains greater information, understanding – AP

“It can scarily be denied that the supreme goal of all theory is to make the irreducible basic elements as few and as simple as possible without having to surrender the adequate representation of a single datum of experience.” – Albert Einstein

There is no advantage to holding a desert ontology when you live in a rainforest.

  • Methodological naturalism is a desert ontology. (And a stunted one, as well as manifestly unreal – AP)


Science loses nothing by allowing for the possibility of design: indeed, it gains tremendously.

Science loses a tool it cannot retrieve, however, when it excluded design.

The alternative to Ockam’s (implicitly atheistic) Razor: “Entities should not be multiplied without necessity.”

is Leibniz’s Toolbox: “Entities should not be discarded if i costs you nothing.”

Don’t throw away what you may need later

  • Methodological naturalism destroyed as many higher-level entities as possible -like mind – and now wants to sneak it in via the back door

Primordial Randomness => function is by luck: chaos is the ground state

Primordial Rationality => function is by a designing mind, and is likely to exist even if not seen

  • Primordial Rationality is a far more useful base assumption for science, esp. biology

Design Triangulation:

When one discovers a complex system performing specialized functions, one should infer that a rational logic, and well-matched parts, are providing the functions – even if one has not yet observed those parts.

(Widely employed in molecular biology)

Why infer Design Triangulation?

In our universal experience, specialized functions require rational thought, design, and actualization. So when we observe such functions, we can be strongly certain that the active features – the pats and the functional logic – are present.


“We know A, We know B… so we can triangulate C probably exists.”

Copper (poison, but needed) as example: something must transport it in cellular biology, but in a way that does not harm cells

Functional necessity => intellectually required

Crick – “a far better biologist than an atheist” – uses Design Triangulation to predict a small molecule that would do the work of binding adaptor molecule.

  • No direct evidence for this at the time. Many years later, it was discovered, as predicted.

Watson, “the villain” disagreed as he felt that the adaptor mechanism is far too complex to have arisen by random chance.

Methodological naturalism: the parts must precede the whole. Complex biological systems cannot arise all at once.

  • Is not reflected in real life: thus, methodological naturalism is false

The higher-level structure governs the meaning of the lower-level parts. Gettysburg address – rearrange words to give exactly the opposite meaning.

The functions of a cell are all interrelated: take away any, and the entire cell falls apart.

What makes whales and dolphins different from other members of cetancodonta isn’t in their proteins:it’s probably in their junk DNA

Which means that junk DNA isn’t junk

If junk DNA isn’t junk – as per Project ENCODE – than evolution is false.

(I won’t put too much stock in this claim: some new weasel words will be used by evolutionists to avoid facing the designed universe. However, the likely success of  Project ENCODE does further restrict their ability to avoid the inevitable triumph of intelligent design. – AP)


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