The Other, Other Side of Omar Mateen

On Facebook, June 12 (4:09 pm) Bojidar Marinov wrote:
(quoted with his permission)

I wonder how many “conservative” media will mention, along with his Muslim religion, that Omar Mateen had a degree in criminal justice, was a licensed security officer, aspired to have a career with the police, and was an avid collector of NYPD shirts. I guess the headline should be, “A radical cop-worshiper murders dozens in a bar.”

There’s a lot going on here.

Gary North elsewhere mentions:


On June 14, I wrote about the refusal of Obama and Clinton to use the word “Islamic” in conjunction with “terrorism.” Trump had called out Obama on this before Obama’s speech decrying the Orlando attack. Then Obama followed Trump’s script to the letter. He spoke of terrorism, but not Islamic terrorism, just as Trump had predicted. Obama is nothing if not a knee-jerk, far-Left liberal.

No one knew that the murderer was conflicted: a homosexual Muslim terrorist. I must admit that Obama would have sounded silly complaining about “pink radical jihadist Islamic terrorism.” But none of us knew this when Obama gave his speech.

And elsewhere, we discover that Manteen was also a security guard with G4S, a multinational security company.

This entire business looks like an ugly snarl. But at least we should know not to trust those who seek authority over us, with lots of badges and guns!

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