Good, Evil, and Sentimentality

I feel the need to emphasize this point in North’s missive:

Humanism’s Ethics of Sentimentality

A compromise must be adopted, this ethicist tells us, just so long as the decision is made reluctantly. This is the ethics of sentimentality, as Schlossberg has called it. “If good and evil are purely a matter of sentiment, then no action can be judged, since sentiments remain opaque to outside certification. Only the motives count, not the action. In this way sentiment, not reason or law, is determinative of right and wrong.” (Idols for Destruction, Thomas Nelson, 1983, p. 45.) Schlossberg has identified the source of the ethics of sentiment in our day: humanism. “Humanism thrives on sentimentality because few religions are more dishonest in their doctrinal expressions. Unable to withstand dispassionate analysis, which would reveal its lack of foundation, it stresses feeling rather than thought. That is what makes sentimentality so vicious” (p. 46.)

The entire legal foundations of the Western World has shifted from a specific law code to the sentimental concerns and feelings of The Right Sort of People.

Which means we don’t live in a law-based society. Indeed, we haven’t been living in one for some time now.

A government unrestrained by law is a ugly and murderous beast. But right now, the (dwindling number of) Christians just don’t care, so long as they continue to live in comfort and the welfare/old-age benefits keep flowing in.

In return, Our Loving Masters make sure to keep the destroyed lives, the abortions and murders, and the cruelty off the front pages. You know, just like the Communists used to – and even the Nazis, by and large!

If we weren’t going headlong into massive bankruptcy, and the wholesale technological decentralization of information and force, I would be able to predict with 100% certainty how this story would end: something to do with cattle cars and places where Work will Set You Free. However, the Loving Masters (who hate us with the purest of malice) are a good deal less competent then the old-school Secularists, Atheists and Statists of the early-to-mid 20th century.

Theirs is a dying religion… and increasingly delusional.


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