Video and Literacy

From ZDNet

Facebook predicts it will all be video on our feeds in five years

As Facebook has grown in functionality, the things you have done on Facebook have changed accordingly.

There has been a slow but steady decline in text based posts over the last few years.

Meanwhile there has been a huge increase in image based posts and video uploads.


She predicted that our newsfeed and timeline will see increasing amounts of video posts.

She said that video will dominate Facebook in five years time.

According to Web Pro News Mendelsohn said “It will definitely be mobile. It will probably be all video”.

She reckons that video is the best way to tell stories is by video which delivers more information in a much shorter time period.

The trends noticed at Facebook correlate with our general online ‘TL:DR’ behaviour.

We want to consume more and more information more quickly. Video enables us to do this.

“I just think if we look, we already are seeing a year on year decline in text.

We are seeing a massive increase as I have said on both pictures and video” Mendelsohn said.

“So yeah, if I was having a bet, I would say video, video, video.”

This is another opportunity for Christians – as people of God’s written word – to get a leg up on the pagans.

  • First, you get information faster by reading – especially speed reading – than you are going to get by video.
  • Second, the written word encourages logic and imagination in ways that video never will.

Now, this does not mean that Christians should shun video. On the contrary, the pagans are correct in their nutrition that video is the fastest way to spread simple messages.

Moreover: many people simply hate reading, and they must be reached too. some of them will have the time to listen/watch a series of well-argued and interesting lectures and sermons, but will still hate reading (this includes poorly literate and illiterate people) – these people should also know the truth of God and of Christ, as well as the implications on their lives.

Still: I can make a shrewd guess that in 40+ years, homeschooled Christians will be the only ones able to follow a chain of logic of more than two steps. If these Christians are well-grounded in the Bible — the creation of a rather rational and systematic God, who values historical truth and predictable, universal laws, and wants His people to understand them and put these laws to profitable use — then these Christians will rule.


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