Vegans, Human Moralism, and My Feelings

While looking through the Internet, I came across Why Bugs Annoy Vegetarians from the site Let Them Eat Meat.

From the article:

Recently I’ve seen a couple of vegan blogs criticizing conscientious meat eaters for not eating insects, which are the most environmentally friendly and likely the most healthful animals to eat. Vegansaurus! recently had a post sarcastically endorsing bug eating, and Robert at PaleoVeganology is always calling out caveman diet followers on the dearth of creepy crawlies in their paleolithic aspiring food choices.

You might think this means that vegans are more okay with eating insects than other sorts of animals, but most vegans aren’t actually that thrilled when someone calls their bluff and goes vegan except for Jiminy Cricket.

A vegan who was considering an entomophagic deviation from the standard vegan line posted his idea to reddit/vegan, telling vegans of the Internet that he was looking for a higher quality source of protein than vegan food that was ethical, and thought raising mealworms in his backyard and stir frying them might be the answer.

There were a couple of supportive voices in the ~100-comment thread, but mostly what he got were stern reminders about vegan foods that are considered high in protein. Instead of growing bugs off of his rotting food scraps, he should be eating: tempeh, spirulina, beans, corn, rice, pea protein powder, seitan and Daiya cheeze sandwiches, BBQ seitan sandwiches, tofu, nut butters and/or nutritional yeast.

When an entomophagy sympathizer would point out that it kills more insects to grow and transport these foods than it would kill to raise insects off compost and eat them directly, the specter of intent was raised.

schmessential: As far as the ethics go, few people are eating 100% organic pesticide-free food. How is [eating insects] less vegan in any way?

m4124124: Because you are talking about very intentionally and needlessly exploiting animals. You are viewing animals as things to use. It is the very opposite of veganism. Veganism isn’t about “minimal impact eating”, though a lesser impact is a benefit. It’s about respecting other animals enough not to exploit them when you can avoid it.

Ahh, intent. Since animals probably can’t appreciate our respect for them when we kill them (a fact that vegans usually appreciate when they are castigating meat eaters for putting the deer they just shot in their prayers), can we really say that good intentions justify eating pea protein powder instead of bugs when we know that more insects are going to be killed in the growing, processing, packaging and transportation of pea protein powder than are going to be killed from eating the mealworms outside your door? Is that sort of willful ignorance intent really better than the intent of the non-vegan who kills animals with the explicit goal of killing fewer than veganism kills?

If so, veganism has some puzzling priorities. It’s not about what happens to the animals, but about how we feel about what happens to the animals. It’s worth it to kill more of them in order to congratulate ourselves for not quite as intentionally killing them. Sorry, animals – it makes us feel guilty when we have to actually see your dead bodies, so we’ll kill more of you because we can commit those murders offstage.

Just like the atheists and the liberals, it’s All About Feelings.

My Feelings, not yours. MINE.

Lawless pagan cultures are an abomination to God, a enemy of Liberty, and a blight on the economy. Fortunately, they tend to fall apart of their own accord.

It would be nice if Christians would actually press the Law-Word and authority of Christ the King, to make the transition faster and swifter, and rapidly take away every stolen space and stronghold of Satan – but this takes Too Much Work.

It demands optimism, a pro-victory attitude, and a plan on what to do after victory… but the only reasonable plan out there is to lead all of society, from you and me to the government, to adhere to obedience to Christ.

Lots of Christians hate the Law of God, and would prefer defeat and failure (with the pleasure of disobedience) to victory and success – while bearing Christ’s light yoke.

Even so, I believe that more and more believers will weary of being ruled and dominated by the Feelings of Our Betters.

Work hard, teach well, shun evil, fear the Lord, and teach others to do the same. The current order is still a pathetic, diseased mess, and when it falls apart and dies, be ready to step in to lead and rule in your own town and county.


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