From the Unz Review:

Almost one year ago, Dylann Roof killed nine blacks at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church. Imagine if a political hack like Hillary Clinton or a Main Stream Media Cultural Marxist like CNN’s  Sally Kohn had said this:

This was an act of hate and intolerance against Christians. We need to see this in the context of anti-Christian bigotry and violence around the country. Perhaps all the laws forcing Christian business owners violate their beliefs created the toxic climate where Roof decided to shoot up a Church. To the extent that Roof was a white supremacist who flew the Confederate battle flag, he perverted these causes. The vast majority of white supremacists and Southern heritage activists are law-abiding and decry violence, and we must take care to prevent backlash against them. Furthermore, we need to see this as a problem not of “white racism” but racism generally. Racism is Racism whether it’s shooting up a black church or supporting racial preferences for blacks in college admissions.

To quote the late Sam Francis, “she would have a great career as a pizza delivery girl.”

But this is exactly what Clinton, Kohn and the entire Democrat/MSM Narrative Enforcement Complex said when gunman killed dozens of people at a gay night club during Gay Pride Weekend.

At first, many Leftists were flagrantly salivating over the possibility of using the tragedy to target gun owners and white Christians. The earliest news reports included utterly irresponsible speculation that the shooter was associated with “white hate movements” and he “hates diverse people.” [NBC ‘Law Enforcement Expert’ Blamed Orlando Terror Shooting on Anti-Gay ‘White Hate Groups’, by Warner Todd Houston, Breitbart, June 12, 2016]

Yet before the Sunday news programs, this narrative was stopped dead in its tracks. The shooter, Omar Marteen, turned out to be an ISIS supporter, the son of an Afghan immigrant who runs a pro-Taliban satellite TV show. Not your typical angry white male.

The gun control angle is even weaker, because Marteen worked for a Homeland Security Contractor and had both firearms and security guard licenses. Furthermore, despite its strict gun laws, France also suffered from a mass shooting for Islamic gunmen— making reactions like this from Think Progress’s Judd Legum [Email him] even more ridiculous than usual:

If the Left had any self-awareness, they would use the Orlando shooting to consider whether their coalition of the aggrieved groups who have nothing in common besides hatred of mainstream American society is inherently unstable. You cannot honestly complain about “rape culture” and “misogyny” from white fraternity brothers while supporting immigrant groups who have no qualms about raping infidels, honor killings, or female genital mutilation. You cannot honestly complain about Christian pizzaiolos who don’t want to cater a gay wedding, while allowing in immigrants from cultures who want to throw homosexuals off buildings.

When the money’s gone, the Left’s gone as well.

Yes, yes, there will always be men who want to use the State to steal from others to give to themselves: but their day will have passed, as surely as the days of the kings and the communist empires have gone. Fragmentation is the future, not some Unified Empire of the Compassionate Narrative.

Sure, Christians should be at the forefront of getting the boots of Our Masters off our own throats. But even more important, Christians need to start planning out how their local community is going to run itself, when the government checks bounce (or the dollars no longer buy anything.)

This planning needs to start at the church.


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