Selectively Chosen Evidence

From BioLogos and Vitellogenin Genes

This Problem Does Not Easily Go Away

Recently I have been responding to several articles by evolutionist Dennis Venema. Venema has made various arguments about how genetic evidences strongly support evolution and I have provided rebuttals to those claims. For instance, I explained here that while Venema discusses evidences that are consistent with evolutionary expectations, he does not list or mention the substantial body of scientific findings that are inconsistent with evolution. This is a problem with the evolution literature: the scientific evidence is too often selectively presented. In fact, I have often seen evolutionists claim that there are no contrary evidences, and that the science fully backs evolution. This sort of confirmation bias presents a roadblock to meaningful discourse on the topic of origins.

Next Venema focused his claim on the specific case of human evolution, and the similarity between the human and chimpanzee genomes. Again, Venema made high claims about the evidence. He concluded: “These observations strongly support the hypothesis that our species arose through an evolutionary process.”

But, in fact, as I explained here, there are several significant problems with this claim. For example, the chimpanzee and human genomes have differing patterns that do not fit evolutionary expectations. There is also a big difference between viruses in the genomes of humans and the other primates. Again, these differences do not fit the expected evolutionary pattern. Furthermore, the chimp-human genome beneficial differences are few and appeals to alternate splicing differences (another big difference between the genomes of humans and the other primates) to evolve humans lead to astronomically improbable pathways.

As always, I explained that the point is not that evolutionary explanations are not possible. Speculative explanations are always possible. Perhaps evolution did this, perhaps it did that. But that does not change the fact that the primate genomes do not “strongly support the hypothesis that our species arose through an evolutionary process,” as Venema and the evolutionists claim.

Far too many Christians cower before the (selectively chosen) evidence presented by Our Betters.

It’s time to stop cowering and crawling and licking the boot, and instead, start pressing, questioning, and challenging.

“But it takes SOOO much WORK to master the material! SOOO many years to really understand the biased assumptions and mental shell games! And anyways, this is Satan’s world, isn’t it? Why should we fight a pack of self-serving elitist lies, when we are sure to lose?”

No, this isn’t Satan’s world. He is a squatter, a murderer, a thief and a liar.

He is also a loser.

This world, right now, belongs to Jesus Christ. HE is the victor. HE rules over heaven and earth, right now.

And our job, as His servants, is to carry His victory, His Law-World, to the place of authority everywhere. Over every life – starting with our own – and then on to every family, every church, every business, every school… and every nation.

Without exception.

  1. Will this take time and hard work?
    1. Yes, indeed. A few generations to cover the world, at the current rate of technological growth. Some sort of worldwide, unplanned mass conversion event will have to occur to truly seal the deal, so keep your ears open to the Holy Spirit. Prepare for His move, lay foundations for it.
  2. Sacrifice?
    1. Definitely. Your very life is demanded. Preferably full of years, to maximize the productive work… but if necessary, you may be called to die for Christ. An unlikely outcome… but a real possibility, which must be factored in. “Count the cost… all of it… before making a commitment.”
  3. Creativity? Daring? Bravery?
    1. Yes, yes, and yes. “The disciple is not above his master, nor the servant above his lord.” Christ is God Himself, and yet on earth, He had to exhibit bravery, daring, creative thinking, wisdom… and self-sacrifice. You will have to do the same.
  4. Will there be setbacks?
    1. From time to time… but none will be permanent, though. God demands victory, and victory is what He is going to get, in time, and on earth. It is better to be on His side, rather than be ground to powder with the rest of the enemies of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

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