Nations Face Judgement Now, or Later

From North’s Time to Unravel

One thing every Christian reader should be willing to affirm: nothing in the Bible should be an embarrassment to any Christian. We may not know how something should be properly applied in our day, but every law, announcement, prophecy, judgment, and warning in the Bible is the very Word of God, and is not to be flinched at by anyone who calls himself by Christ’s name.

We are dealing with a God who has already condemned hundreds of millions of people to hell, and now threatens to condemn at least four billion more: to exist in eternal agony, without hope, without peace, and without escape, forever and ever, amen. Any earthly judgment that He brings, or that He wants His people to bring as His lawful, ordained agents of both mercy and judgment, is just nickel-and-dime stuff compared to hell.

The doctrine of hell doesn’t embarrass any Bible-believing Christian; neither should anything else the Bible says that God did, does, or will do.

One way or another, one day or another, God and His Justice will get His Due.

A Christian Man, A Christian Society, A Christian State, A Christian Civilization simply declares that it’s much better to suffer temporary punishments now, than eternal punishment later.

This is what we need.

Majority Rule

Just for the record, Christian reconstructionists aren’t in favor of imposing some sort of top-down bureaucratic tyranny in the name of Christ. The kingdom of God requires a bottom-up society: self-government under God. It’s the humanist view of society that promotes top-down bureaucratic power. Reconstructionists are in favor evangelism and missions leading to a widespread Christian revival, so that the great mass of earth’s inhabitants will place themselves under Christ’s protection, and voluntarily use His covenantal laws for self-government. Christian reconstruction begins with personal conversion to Christ and self-government under God’s law, then spreads to others through revival, and only later brings comprehensive changes in civil law, when the vast majority of voters voluntarily agree to live under God’s revealed laws.

Let’s get this straight: Christian reconstruction depends on majority rule. Of course, the leaders of the Christian reconstructionist movement expect a majority eventually to accept Christ as savior. If this doesn’t happen, then Christians must be content with only partial reconstruction, and only partial blessings from God. It isn’t possible to ramrod God’s blessings from the top down, unless you’re God. Only humanists think that man is God. All we’re trying to do is get the ramrod away from them, and melted down. The melted ramrod could then be used to make a great grave marker for humanism: “The God That Failed.”

If you weary of the rule of the Master Class, then you need the rule of Christ.

Not the rule of men, regardless of public acclaim, or their robes, or how many or how wealthy or how politically connected they happen to be.

The rule of Christ – nothing else satisfies, nothing else grants liberty, life, and a good hope for the future.


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